Pasta Brava – Tanjong Pagar

One of my favourite italian restaurants because the food is sooooo good and it’s inexpensive! Adding to that the restaurant is so authentic and old school italian, it’s hard to not be caught speaking a little bit of Italiano in there. Bravo Bravo!

Lobster Bisque – Soup of the day SGD7.50

This soup eludes me. I crave for it and long for it but it’s a soup of the day. MEANING even if you pay for it, the Chef might not have it as soup of the day. One bowl of rich creamy seafood goodness, with a good balance of saltiness and seafood in it. I need to have it soon, having withdrawal symptoms from lack of it.

Calamari SGD17 and Foie Gras SGD22

Foie gras another fatal poison for me. Can’t get enough of this fat juicy sinful indulgence. Pan fried with porcini sauce and truffle oil, the goose liver just melts in your mouth. Calamari was a-ok for me. Another antipasti that I tried was the oven glazed scallops with white wine and bechamel sauce, that was really good too. Sorry no picture! Gobbled it all up before I remembered that I wanted to take a photo.

Stracci Ai Gamberi E Capesante SGD23.50 

Stracci means rug/carpet in Italiano, which is like how this homemade pasta is shaped. Made fresh and cooked in white wine, saffron cream sauce together with scallops, prawns and green peppercorn. The first time I had it, it blew my mind, as I never had this type of pasta before. The creamy sauce of rich ocean flavours, the succulent scallops and prawns and that fresh stracci. My favourite entrée at Pasta Brava for sure.

Lasagna Tradizionale SGD23.50

Singaporeans love it. Italians love it. My other half who is Filipino loves it too! He is a big fan of anything with cheese. *roll eyes* The thin layers of freshly made pasta, baked with tomato sauce, minced beef. With rich and creamy Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese in between. The balance of flavours – acidity from the tomato complemented the cheese and beef, the fresh pasta was the highlight for me.

Linguine Regina Del Mare SGD23

In local pasta terms – Marinara. Linguine with prawns, clams, scallops , squid, crayfish in a garlic tomato sauce. The balance of flavours are found in every dish that Chef cooks. One other pasta dish that I have tried was the Fettucinne Alla Carbonara, and it was less creamy than I would have liked. Probably can find a better carbonara out there.

Filletto Di Manzo Al Vino Rosso E Cioccolato SGD31

Vino Rosso – red wine, Cioccolato – chocolate. Filleto Di Manzo – beef tenderloin. I tried this dish out of curiousity on how it would taste. The smell of chocolate and wine from the dish when it was served was intriguing, and the first mouthful I had of the medium rare cut of tenderloin melted in my mouth. The rich chocolatey taste mellowed down by that slight tannins of red wine with the beef. It was a match made in heaven. I later cooked my own version at home and it was pretty good too, tweaked slightly.

Tiramisu SGD11, Panna Cotta SGD10 and Lava Cake SGD12

How can you not have these three italian desserts after all the awesome food?! Traditional Tiramisu (italian cheesecake) with mascarpone, coffee and strega liquor is probably made more of italian way. Not as sweet as the ones I have had at other places, with a very strong coffee taste but I do enjoy the soft richness of it. The panna cotta has to be best out of the three, creme caramel flavoured with amaretto (sweet-almond flavoured liquer) set perfectly. The nutty sweet flavours lingers in your mouth even after you swallow it. The lava cake to me was pretty normal nothing spectacular, have had better ones before.

Overall, the prices are really affordable compared to the astronomical flavours that the dishes provide. If you want to visit, do call days in advance to book for weekdays and for weekends, call wayyyy in advance.

Pasta Brava
11 Craig Road
Tanjong Pagar
Singapore 089671
(65) 6227 7550


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