Tim Ho Wan 添好运 – Lavender

aperia-mallThe outlet at Aperia Mall is open 24 hours. To be honest the first visit to Tim Ho Wan was underwhelming. Given all the long queues and hype plus the one Michelin Star rating, I expected better. The food came out all at once (like fast-food), some were warm some were just cold. Understand that it was to allow for quick turnover of tables, but no one likes cold dim sum. So it took me a long while before I revisited.

And I chose to return during their supper hours and this time the food was piping hot and satisfying! Glad that I gave it another chance. They also serve breakfast, will try that out next time.

菠萝包 Baked Char Siew Pastry Bun

The best 菠萝包 (Baked Char Siew Pastry Bun) for me had always been Wah Lok (Carlton Hotel). Will do a review on Wah Lok another time because I have no pictures of the food. The Tim Ho Wan’s version has a really crisp pastry that melts in your mouth and together with the sweet Char Siew inside, it was a treat in a ball. My other half loved it so much he almost ate all three of it! And craved for more. Definitely try this when you visit Tim Ho Wan.

Spicy Dumplings

All of my favourite condiments on top of these dumplings – spring onions, fried garlic and coriander in that spicy sauce that accompanied the hot dumplings. Dayum! Great for satisfying a spicy craving in the middle of the night (which I had). We had a second serving of this because it was soooooo good!

Har Gow & Siu Mai

It’s incomplete to have a dim sum meal without these two king and queen. However they are not really remarkable. It’s barely mediocre. Siu Mai skin was rubbery with a pretty bland filling. Har Gow prawns were not fresh and the skin felt like it was double steamed.

We didn’t order the noodles and soups as we were already so full from the dim sum. Here’s their supper menu:


Good alternative to visit other than 126 or Swee Choon (which imo is not good at all) for supper!

Tim Ho Wan Aperia Mall
12 Kallang Avenue
Singapore 339511
(65) 6684 2000


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