Food R Us – Farrer Road

The lady boss, Ann, is a family friend and we have been going to the restaurant since they first opened in Katong area. Now they have moved to a bigger location at Farrer Road. Their food are mostly Singapore-Malaysia style cooking and their salted egg crabs are awesome!


Rich creamy buttery salted egg sauce with fresh succulent crab. Brought a few friends to try it out and they almost licked the plate clean of all the sauce. The other version – Marmite Crab (my personal favourite) is also very delicious, sweet and salty at the same time. You can also try their crab bee hoon soup if you prefer something soupy. You definitely won’t be disappointed with the rich broth.

Crab Bee Hoon Soup

For the cockles lovers out there, this is a must-try! It’s often sold out though. It’s a little spicy-garlicky with a savoury salty sauce. Weird tasting in the good way.


This is my third favourite dish from the restaurant. Innards lovers will like this very much, chewy intestines with the 咬劲 in the flavourful X.O sauce.


The garlic stir fried Kailan topped with crispy fried Kailan shreds comes together really well. I do wish the whole plate was just the crispy Kailan though because it’s so delicious and taste like seaweed! If you prefer a spicier vegetable dish, go for the 四大天王 (Four Heavenly Kings) – which consists of eggplant, okra, long beans and 臭豆 (Petai in Malay and Smelly Bean? in english) stir-fried in sambal.


This is their signature beancurd (home-made) with real crabmeat clear sauce. The beancurd is so soft and seasoned well, topped with the sauce. I recommend this out of all the beancurd dishes they have.

Our reunion dinner was at Food R Us this year (just tonight actually). And here are some of the dishes.


The 发财鱼生 without the salmon this year – lobster and abalone were the replacements.

Crabmeat Sharks Fin Soup with Superior Broth
Glass Cabbage with Abalone
Chilled Vegetable Salad
Dragonfruit Prawn Salad
Chef Roasted Duck
Lotus Leaf Rice with Sausage

The highlight of the meal has to be the dessert – Mandarin Orange Cheesecake.



The Mandarin orange sweetness coupled with fresh cheesecake (freshly baked in the kitchen daily) was a really good balance. It was so good we all brought a whole cake back home (SGD 45).

Do call for reservations especially weekends. The food isn’t cheap but it’s worth the price to try out their signature dishes.

Food R Us
Blk 3 Queen’s Road #02-171
Singapore 260003
(65) 64403822

*Some pictures are official pictures from the restaurant’s FB page


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