Oberstrasse – Lavender

The name is German, common street name in Germany. I went there for brunch and had a pleasant surprise at the quality of food for the price.

The decor is simple and rustic with an open concept kitchen. Free flow water with wifi makes it conducive for reading or working on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Interior of the cafe

All day breakfast menu with pasta and main dishes as well as waffles. Quite the spread for a small cafe. Me and my other half went for a breakfast item and a pasta item to share.

Big Breakfast SGD12

Few places can beat the price for the spread of this Big Breakfast – Sunny side egg with sausages and bacon. Mushrooms, roasted tomato, salad and toast to go with it. A little of everything, well balanced and hearty. Apt for an eater like me who loves variety!

Carbonara SGD12

Classic creamy Carbonara. Spaghetti with bacon in Parmasan cream sauce. This is the “type” of Carbonara that I love, the strands of pasta coated with that sauce. Pasta Brava version was too dry but this one was just perfect. Portion was just right as well, so we still had room for desserts and coffee!

Molten Lava Cake with Fresh Berries SGD6

This has got to be the cheapest lava cake that I have ever had that’s really good. Warm chocolate inside the cake together with that vanilla ice cream and bits of berries to go along. Whenever I have a sweet tooth craving, I think of this cake. And at six bucks, it’s a steal.

Latte SGD5

Coffee is pretty good and the beans are roasted in house. Had my usual latte together with the lava cake. It was a great way to complete the meal.

Went back a second time, with my family to have desserts after dinner. We ordered the waffles as well as the lava cakes. Waffles were pretty normal but dayum, can’t get enough of that warm chocolatey lava cake!

A quaint ambience with affordable pricing. A great hangout for brunch/lunch and will update again when I try out other items on the menu!

Block 809 French Road
Singapore 200809


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