Fat Cow – Orchard

I have a circle of foodie friends who have similar tastes in food. I was tempted to pay Fat Cow a visit after my foodie bestie raved about their sea bream with black truffles. So I went!

Fat Cow is at the very end of Orchard area, Camden Medical Centre near Tanglin Mall/Hotel Jen. Was really excited to get a table for one at lunch time without reservations.

Finally Fat Cow!

The restaurant has a bar area near the entrance and I was directed towards the end of the restaurant where there are seats around the open concept kitchen with an elaborated ceiling décor (which was great for softening the lights but bad for taking pictures).

Open concept kitchen

I went for the Fat Cow Donburi set lunch together with the Tai No Kuro-Toryufu  from the ala-carte menu (sea bream with truffle). Not forgetting my favourite “poison” sashimi – Salmon and Shima Aji.

Set Lunch Menu
Ala-Carte Menu

The service staff were very attentive and food was served shortly to my pleasant surprise.

Salad, Miso Soup and Chawanmushi from the Set Lunch

The chawanmushi was yummy! A rich broth with the silky smooth egg, together with the prawns, mushrooms and scallops. Just wish it was a bigger serving. I was disinterested in the miso soup and salad as I wanted to try the seabream in front of me soooo bad.

Tai No Kuro-Toryufu SGD38

My bestie wasn’t joking. This fascinating dish had sweetness from the bream, saltiness from the seasoning, and umami in a tasty harmony. With the smell and taste of black truffle in your mouth and nose, and that kelp to balance the strong flavours. Reminiscing about it now makes my mouth water. I was so tempted to order a second serving but I had to leave some stomach space for the donburi and sashimi. It’s highly likely I will revisit just to savour this again. It’s a very close second to the Foie Gras Scallop Sushi from Koh Grill and Sushi Bar.

Salmon & Shima Aji Sashimi SGD18 & SGD26

Next up was the sashimi. Decent presentation with fresh wasabi. Slices were thinner than I expected.

It looks better than it tastes. Given the price tag, the freshness was disappointing. Shima Aji tasted a little fishy – I usually have it with just a tad of shoyu to enjoy the fish itself, but I had to have it with wasabi for this one. Salmon is alike to what I can get at Cold Storage, not impressed in the least bit. I guess there’s a reason they are famous for their beef and not for sashimi.

My donburi came soon after I was done with the sashimi. And of course I asked for medium rare for the Wagyu beef.

Fat Cow Donburi Set Lunch SGD39

Medium rare charcoal-grilled wagyu beef with onsen tamago & shiro negi (white onion). Perfect cook on that beef and egg.


Charred juicy and tender wagyu beef with the rich buttery egg yolk and a spoonful of the plump-seasoned japanese rice. Yummy! And $39 for the whole set is really worth it for so much high quality beef in a bowl.

Dessert was exceptional for me as well – Honeycomb vanilla ice cream imported from New Zealand. It’s just like frozen caramel! Even though I was so full from over-ordering, I wanted seconds of this creamy, overly-sweet but I like it, ice cream.

Honeycomb Vanilla Ice Cream (Part of Set Lunch)

The damage was $148 in total for just myself, as I wanted to try more dishes on my virgin trip here. If you just order the set lunch, which is more than enough to satisfy, it’s definitely value for money! I would revisit to try their Fat Foa-Gura Don next time, and of course I will order that sea bream 1000x more till I get sick of it. Will do an update when I burn another hole in my pocket at Fat Cow!

Do call ahead for lunch as they are always packed.

Fat Cow
1 Orchard Boulevard #01-01/02
Camden Medical Centre
Singapore 248649
(65)  6735 0308


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