Tenkaichi – Marina Square

Went for the Premium Wagyu Buffet (SGD $69.80) with my other half back in December 2015. The menu looked so appetising together with a buffet spread on the side with tempura, yakitori, breaded prawns and noodles/rice etc. Apologies I didn’t take much pictures when we were there.




I made him try the Wagyu Tan (Wagyu Beef Ox Tongue), my favourite cut, and Wagyu Beef Yukke, he didn’t like both very much. To be truly honest, I didn’t really like the Yukke too. Too cold to enjoy the meat, felt too raw with the egg. It certainly look pretty though and just had to try it.

Wagyu Beef Yukke

We very much enjoyed the fresh sashimi and seafood, as well as the juicy Wagyu beef slices. Both the Wagyu Rosu and Wagyu Nakaochi Karubi (Marbling score 7+) were delicious, I personally liked the Karubi more as it has more chewiness to it.  We tried most of the sashimi, which were considerably decent and fresh, given that it’s a buffet. (Sorry didn’t get a close up of the sashimi)

Busy eating everything

Our favourites had to be the hotate (scallops) and the prawns. Succulent giant scallops cooked to perfection and seasoned with a little salt and pepper by me! I think we had at least four plates of the scallops (or more?! Can’t recall). And those prawns were huge and fresh, and I was glad I have my Mr Prawn Peeler with me 😀

Look at the size of the scallops and prawns!

We topped up another $5 for the drinks and coffee and had a good time relaxing after we had out fill of the sumptuous spread in front of us.


Tenkaichi is currently having a special addition – Alaskan Snow Crab (Zuwai Kani) ! Do go try it out while it’s having the 30% off its usual for the premium buffet now. 

Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant
6 Marina Square Shopping Mall
#03-129 Singapore  039594
(65) 6250 8918


4 thoughts on “Tenkaichi – Marina Square

      1. Oh really? I’m also big fan of Singapore food! But I’ve never been there… My sister who have been there said they are awesome! I want to eat real Singapore food in some day. XD I hope you will enjoy your trip here. If there is something I can help, feel free to ask me.

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        1. I am also a big fan of Singapore food will cover that more with time to come 🙂

          And yes Hokkaido! Been to Tokyo twice many years back. Loved it! Especially the food of course. And so kind of you, will definitely seek your advice on where to go when the time draws near 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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