Kai Sushi & Robatayaki – Plaza Singapura

I am no stranger to this restaurant, visited the basement outlet at Plaza Singapura – Kai Sushi & Grill a few times. It’s my go-to place for affordable Uni fix. Read posts about their Robatayaki outlet hence I went to try it out.

The outlet on the 4th floor of the new wing at Plaza Singapura is MUCH bigger than the basement one. With a long stretch of counter seats and many tables for bigger groups. I don’t really get the elevated sushi counters though, I always loved looking at the sushi chefs at work.

Pleasant décor, disliked the alienation from the sushi counter 😦

There are so many choices for lunch but I went with the Chirashi Zushi. The menu is definitely more extensive than the basement outlet. With affordable variety for their sashimi as well, I ordered my Shima Aji (my usual order to benchmark the standard of sashimi) as well as a few sticks of Robatayaki.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Robatayaki Menu (They ran out of Unakimo 😦 wanted to try that so badly)

There’s one designated staff with a tablet taking orders and the rest of the crew attending to customers, filling up tea and seeing to requests. Pretty efficient staff force.

My surprise appetiser came shortly after I ordered.

Marinated Seaweed

I usually steer clear of this as there’s an after taste I don’t quite fancy. But curiosity got better of me and I picked up a small bite. It was DELICIOUS! Crunchy with a little sweet and salty marination. Pretty appetising to start the meal with.

Chawanmushi and Miso Soup

The food came quick. Though the chawanmushi was a little cold but it was good! It had strands of orange peel on the top that was sweet and heightened up the taste of the silky egg which had a plenty mushroom, chicken and crab meat.

Chirashi Zushi SGD23.80 (Set with chawanmushi and miso soup)

Look at that spread of goodness in a bowl! They practically have everything on the top of their sashimi menu in it. Amaebi (sweet prawn), Uni (sea urchin), Tako (Octopus), Tai (Sea Bream), Kanpachi (Amberjack), Hirame (Flounder) in place of Tuna (Maguro which I don’t take), Salmon, Hamachi (Yellowtail), Mekajiki (Swordfish), Hotate (Scallop), Ikura (Salmon Roe) and Tamago (egg). Topped with their in-house marinated mushrooms at the side with the spread of quality sashimi. The cuts were really fresh, especially the Tai! I am recently very smitten with Tai, I realised. I definitely would say this is one of the best value for money Chirashi I have ever had. If I had to nit pick, the wasabi isn’t the fresh grainy type that I love. But given the price tag, the quality definitely exceeded my expectations. And it’s the perfect choice for those who can’t decide which fish to have.

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The sashimi came together with the Chirashi Zushi and almost at once I regretted ordering the sashimi. Because the bowl was so full of fish already! The slices of Shima Aji were decently thick and I had a piece with just the shoyu, pleasantly sweet with the expected texture. For SGD 18, this is above average quality but I would rather go for Koh Grill and Sushi Bar or The Sushi Bar for this. I might have been a little overdosed with sashimi at this point of time.

Yakitori $1.90 & Gyu Kushiyaki (Beef) $4.90
Tori Kawa (Chicken Skin) $1.90

The robatayaki looks good right? Unfortunately it looks better than it tastes. Would have preferred the Tori Kawa with some sauce, it was a little dry and overly chewy. Yakitori was the best of the three, cooked just right and tender pieces of chicken. Beef was minced beef and felt a little powdery and dry in the mouth.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the meal. Over ordered again but I did finish everything and yes I skipped dinner there after. And all of the above for just … *drumroll* SGD60! (inclusive of taxes) Lunch was not too crowded but I believe their dinner crowd is decent.

I personally love their Uni as it’s always so fresh. I have some pictures from my previous trips to the basement outlet.

Look at that rich delicious Uni
And again that irresistible Uni
Yes not enough of it.

Do try out their Sashimi and Chirashi, freshness at affordable prices! Would not recommend their Robatayaki though, have a better place for that which I will touch on next time. いただきます!

Kai Sushi & Robatayaki
68 Orchard Road, #04-68
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238863
(65) 6336 1480


4 thoughts on “Kai Sushi & Robatayaki – Plaza Singapura

  1. 5612

    Worst service ever. They have a very stupid policy whereby I have to be present at the restaurant before letting my wife & my 4 years old daughter waiting outside the restaurant, they are very hungry and not allowed to sit in. The manager keep saying company policy and other restaurants also have this policy. Hallow, you are in service industry but you didn’t provide good service instead of give me your poker face and poor attitude. Very dissapointed to max. Not fit to be a manager.


    1. Hi Kartono sorry for the late approval and late reply. Sorry that your experience was unpleasant and it does sound like an unfair policy. Perhaps you can write a review on their Facebook page for them to improve. Thank you for reading and visiting! 🙂


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