Kinsa Sushi – HillV2

Travelled all the way to Hillview area for Kinsa Sushi because of many good reviews and I can’t resist Japanese food, ever.




Foie Gras Yaki

These were the items I really wanted to try out, because they were highlighted in reviews. Together with the sushi and sashimi of course!

The service staff were a little slipshod, and it took a while before they actually came over to take orders and bring us tea. Nonetheless we were all excited to try out the food.

I apologise that I forgot to take pictures of some of the food 😦

Onsen Tamago was a tad disappointing, it tasted weird like overly gluey. Very much prefer the one from The Sushi Bar. Ebi Mentai Mayo yaki was good, taste wise very similar to Sushi Tei but pricier so I would still rather go for the Sushi Tei one. Fugu Mirin Boshi, that I really like with the mayo tobiko sauce, salty and sweet with a little crunch and dipped in that sauce, yummy! I tried the Foie Gras Chawanmushi instead of the Foie Gras Yaki (because I have friends who don’t know how to appreciate Foie Gras, pfft) which I really liked! The rich fat foie gras with silky egg, adding salty and umami flavours to the soft warm egg.

Our huge bowl of Sashimi – Uni, Mekajiki, Salmon, Hotate and Hamachi

The sashimi was fresh and cuts were thick. It was gone in no time with four of us gobbling it. We wanted to order a second serving but decided not to overdose with the raw fish intake. I however couldn’t resist and ordered a uni sushi still.


Freshly made with the nori still crispy, I found the sushi more enjoyble than the sashimi because there was a generous amount of uni, lovely with that fresh seaweed and well-cooked sushi rice.

We actually had a lot more dishes that I didn’t take pictures of because we got so caught up in chatting and eating. And deep down I knew I was going to come here again on my own to really taste the food.

And so I did make a second visit.

Sashimi Set lunch

I can’t remember how much was it, but I remember it being very worth the price. And I also ordered Uni on the side (yes I really love Uni).

Uni Sashimi and the Salmon and Mekajiki Sashimi from the set

I didn’t quite enjoy the salmon this time round, it was a little wet and mushy. The uni is fresh, though pricier than Kai Sushi and much further away from town i.e. inaccessible.

Overall, I liked the food there, just a tad far. But if I am in the west side for work or needs to go to the west side, I would definitely want to visit Kinsa again. Just a note there are no ATMs at all in the building so remember to draw some cash if you need to before going to HillV2. They are also pretty packed on weekends so do call to make reservations.

Kinsa Sushi
4 Hillview Rise
HillV2 #02-02
Singapore 669320
(65) 67107278


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