The Skewer Bar 烤吧 – Aljunied / Geylang

The Skewer Bar 烤吧!

In a cosy corner of Lorong 27 Geylang, The Skewer Bar just started their busy grilling this week. My besties and I went down to support as we know one of the bosses personally. 9 girls who know their food can really eat – we were there from 7pm till 11 pm, talking and enjoying the delish barbecued food 🙂

The menu has a good variety of meat, seafood and vegetables and the chefs prepared their in-house unique seasonings for the various items. We were dying to try the bacon skewers as well as the grilled fish items. The ingredients are freshly acquired daily from the market by the chefs and today’s catch of the day is snapper!


Chicken, Chicken Gizzards, Prawn, Shitake Mushrooms, Broccoli, & Chicken & Pork Meatballs (SGD$1.10 to $2.40)

The prawns, mushroom. broccoli, chicken gizzards were lightly seasoned with sea salt and grilled just right. The prawns were sweet and fresh and if you are a prawn head eater like me, you can suck the goodness from this prawn head with satisfaction! Gizzards were ALL MINE because no one else knows how to appreciate these awesome innards, it is tender and still have the chew in it. Mushrooms were still soft and savoury, and that sea salt enhanced the sweetness of the shrooms. The chicken & pork balls together with the chicken skewers were grilled with Teriyaki sauce, well-seasoned and still tender. And every item was still hot from the grill, dayum!

Grilled Snapper with the Chef’s unique chill sauce

The chilli sauce is to die for. We all want the recipe because it just made the fresh snapper so delicious! Well based on our guesses, the sauce is probably chilli, garlic, maybe a bit of vinegar and a whole lot of other stuff. Snapper is a lean fish with little oils and moist fine meat, goes so well with the awesome chilli sauce. The fish was gone in 60 seconds. Literally. They also have sea bass, a permanent item in their menu, with prices ranging from $16-$18 and equally fresh and delicious!

Grilled Squid (Half Squid SGD$5)

These firm chewy pieces of squid soaked up the light sea salt during grilling and is a joy to to have with a mug of ice cold beer. This was one of my favourite items on the menu.

Oysters (3 Pieces) SGD$11

These fresh succulent oysters are grilled in a unique citrus sauce that brings out the strong oceanic aromas. In the mouth, the warm and creamy textures with a tinge of minerality, topped with fresh spring onions is a refreshing and comforting experience. These come limited per day, so if you are intending to try the oysters, be early!

Quail Egg with Bacon (SGD$1.80 – 2 on a stick) Enoki with Bacon (SGD$1.50 – 3 on a stick)

The quail egg with bacon is like breakfast in a mouthful. The flavours in this combination is enhanced with that little bit of spice seasoning on the grill. I personally preferred the enoki with bacon combination, because I adore enoki and with that sinful, salty bacon wrapping it and grilled in their special spice seasoning. Dayum! We girls had more than 7 sticks of both of these each 😀


Apologies for the really bad photo, I was under peer pressure to finish snapping pictures so everyone could dig in to this Singaporean’s favourite grilled item – STINGRAY! Once again, we were falling in love with that chilli sauce. The tender strands of fresh stingrays with that spicy sauce, we couldn’t get enough of this and ordered 6 portions. We practically cleaned out their stingray compartment.

Whole eggplant (SGD$4.50)

BIG fan of eggplant and I am lucky to have besties who love this as much. And nope we weren’t sick of that same yummy chilli sauce that came with it.

Sweet Potato Chips (SGD1.50 for 6 pieces)

Ooo-la-la! PURPLE SWEET POTATO is the best. Really. It’s the sweetest variant of this root vegetable. Crispy when grilled, this also went really well with ice cold beer.

Chefs at work – Combined experience of more than 10 years in the kitchen

I don’t know if you are hungry reading this post, but I am sure hungry writing it. Craving for the grilled items, I am tempted to visit again soon. Do call/message them on FB to make reservations or drop by on weekdays if you want a shorter waiting time as the crowd on weekends can be overwhelming. Feel free to feedback to the chefs on your thoughts of the food 🙂 They are open daily, Sundays to Thursdays 6:30pm till 1:30am and on weekends Friday and Saturday they are open till 2:30am! EDIT// They will be resting on alternate Mondays starting 21 March 2016. For more accurate updates especially with regards to their opening hours/days please refer to their official facebook page or follow their newly setup Instagram!

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The Skewer Bar
489 Geylang Road
Singapore 389448
(65) 9642 0837


17 thoughts on “The Skewer Bar 烤吧 – Aljunied / Geylang

  1. Just visited and was introduced by friend. I felt so enjoyable with the human touch by their crews. The foods are really beyond words and definitely I will revisit again and recommend to my good food kakis!


  2. This sounds like a good find. It’s going on my to-do list after reading your post. BTW thanks for dropping by our blog at


    1. Hey, they are open daily, Sundays to Thursdays 6pm till 1:30am and on weekends Friday and Saturday they are open till 2:30am. EDIT// They will be resting on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month starting 21 March 2016.

      Would recommend going on weekdays as the crowd for the past weekend was overwhelming so the wait can be quite long. Enjoy the food!


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