Ah Heng Curry Chicken Mee – Bugis / Raffles Place / China Town

I have had Ah Heng Curry Chicken Mee for more than a decade (probably more but I don’t want to remember how long exactly). My parents know the owners pretty well as their stalls are in the same area. Yes my parents runs a food business but they have always rejected any form of publicity so I shall not elaborate.

Whenever I have a curry chicken mee craving, I think of Ah Heng Curry Chicken Mee.

Branch at Bugis – Long Queue even at almost 2pm in the afternoon

I am pretty sure those of you who works in Raffles Place would know there’s a branch at at Golden Shoe. Where the queues are also pretty long at lunch hours.

Golden Shoe (Meihua Food Court) Branch

They have been selling curry chicken noodles since 1968 and have stuck to the recipe for many years. The original stall is at Upper Cross Street, also known as Hai Shan Street to the older generation (Near to their current second branch at Hong Lim Food Centre).


Father and Son team at Bugis outlet

So why the craze over their curry chicken noodles? For the potato lovers, it could be the really soft potatoes that soaked up the curry flavours and so easy to be addicted to. Or perhaps the usual Singaporean mentality, “queue” means it’s good. For me, I personally love chicken (genetic from my Mom) and their chicken meat is always so fragrant and tender, and sinfully oily with that curry gravy.

Glistening curry chicken drumstick noodles (SGD6)

It’s a given, being in business for so many years, that they will get the noodles right. The yellow noodles with beehoon (vermicelli) is my choice of noodles as the beehoon will soak up the gravy for the taste and yellow noodles will add body when you take a mouthful.

The chicken on its own has already been lightly seasoned with salt and steamed with oriental spices such as ginger and green onions. They probably added other ingredients in their secret recipe for it to taste so good. The curry gravy which is made from curry powder, spices and coconut milk has the right balance of spiciness and that milkiness from the coconut milk. I am not a big fan of potatoes, tau pok (fried tofu) or fish cakes so to me they are just mere condiments of this bowl of goodness.

Take a bit of that chicken skin and meat, together with the noodles, with lots of gravy in a spoonful and savour it. Yes, chicken skin is absolutely delicious, you have no idea what you are missing out if you don’t take the skin.

In a nutshell, this local dish packs a lot of punch in a bowl. I would definitely queue for it again anyday. They are open daily till 9pm (From 8am on weekends and 10am on weekdays) and you can visit their Facebook for all three of their locations.

Ah Heng Curry Chicken Noodles
Blk 269B Queen Street
#01-236 QS269 Food House


One thought on “Ah Heng Curry Chicken Mee – Bugis / Raffles Place / China Town

  1. Standard drop! From thick to dilute gravy. A few pieces of chicken meat reducr to 2 pieces for small bowl yet increase price. Very disappointed and will not go hack again.


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