Ginza Kuroson 銀座黒尊 – Orchard

Someone commented I am addicted to Japanese food, with many of my Instagram pictures and blog posts featuring Japanese food. I don’t deny it 😀 I do adore Japanese cuisine and I so wanna visit my new found Japanese friend in Tokyo! When my foodie bestie (different from Fat Cow bestie) told me about Ginza Kuroson and their amazing donburi set lunches, I didn’t hesitate to join her and another bestie for lunch!

Open concept kitchen

As we made our way to Ginza slightly late, we got the last few seats at the counter. The restaurant was full! We were served hot green tea promptly as we deliberated over the menu.

Donburi Set Lunches

And so we decided on the Nagekomi Don, Bara Chirashidon as well as the Foie-Gras and Chicken Teriyaki Don. There were also daily recommended fishes. We took a chance with the Grilled Gaya Fish – no idea what fish that is as the translation on the menu is weird. Google keeps giving us “gay fish” when we try to find out.

Most Japanese restaurants in Singapore ship in fresh fish from Japan on Tuesday and Fridays, some even on Saturdays. We were there on a Thursday, so I was a little worried about the quality and freshness.


Seaweed cold dishes as well as Japanese salads were served to us shortly. Crisp slightly salted sweet seaweed with bits of carrots opens up the palate, together with that refreshing salad in vinaigrette dressing.

Nagekomi Don SGD22

Pretty bowl of sashimi with grainy wasabi – cuts of salmon, Hamachi, Unagi together with Shirasu (baby white fish), Tuna tataki, Ikura and Amaebi and that little pink mushy bit with spring onions on top should be Tuna. The cuts of sashimi were fresh and have their specific flavours. Really love that fresh wasabi, it just heightens the taste of the don. But in all honesty, I think I prefer the Chirashi Zushi at Kai Sushi.

Foie Gras and Chicken Teriyaki Don – SGD28

This don was much much more satisfying! The richness of that Foie Gras with tender chicken in generous amounts of Teriyaki sauce, together with onions and colourful peppers, all blended really well with the rice. What would really make this even more awesome would be an Onsen Tamago with it. Though can’t ask for everything with just $28 bucks 😛

Bara Chirashidon – SGD22

Bara Chirashidon generally have the fish in cubes with diced vegetables like a beautiful salad bowl and this was really gorgeous to look at. The diced cucumbers and pickles for the refreshing and slightly sweet taste, complementing the cubes of fresh raw fish, topped with lots of Ikura. I am not a big fan of Bara-Chirashi because it feels too little fish and too much vegetables for me so I didn’t taste this one. According to my bestie who had it, she did enjoy it very much and it’s healthy too!

Gaya Yaki SGD 38

This elusive fish, Gaya Yaki, is slightly oily with its flaky flesh that’s soft and well seasoned with salt and grilled to perfection. If anyone knows what’s the name of this fish in English, please leave a comment!

And then came the ambiguity – the dessert.

Chocolate Mousse Dessert

It’s not overly sweet to my liking but as my bestie argued that it’s SUPPOSED TO BE SWEET. So we had a discussion over desserts that are not sweet like they are supposed to be and it’s just not right. I am not overly concerned if it was done right because I am not really a dessert person. I am more of a savoury foods foodie 😀

Overall, I would revisit for the lunch here at Ginza again and try out their sushi/sashimi sets or just have the Foie Gras and Chicken Teriyaki Don! And hopefully their Wagyu will be available. Heard that it’s really good so need to be early for that next round. Ginza Kuroson are open daily for lunch from 1130am till 2pm, and dinner from 6pm till 10pm.

Ginza Kuroson
391 Orchard Rd
Ngee Ann City
#03-10 Singapore 238873
(65) 6235 3785


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