Dose! Cafe – Lavender [Closed]

This little corner opposite CCSH (Chye Seng Huat Hardware – a famous cafe in Jalan Besar area of Singapore) had a few previous owners till Dose! took over in December 2015. I was just walking about in my neighbourhood (yes I am very lucky to stay nearby) and saw this quaint little cafe and I rejoiced (maybe jumped a little) because I was dying for a cup of good coffee.



Love the décor and ambience, cosy and simple. Though it’s reeeally small, could probably seat like 12 people inside and 3 outdoor tables for two.

All Day Menu

The menu is as simple as the décor. I contemplated between the all day breakfast platters and the waffle sandwiches. I finally settled for the Ham, Bacon, Egg & Cheese Waffle Sandwich and a cup of latte. To the happiness of my pocket, they are having a lunch time set promotion – $12.90 for a main and drink.

Lunch Promotion!

Dose imports their coffee beans from Melbourne, Small Batch Roasting Co. and with my keen observation skills from a seat outside (peering in and getting stares), I saw the barista conscientiously prepare my latte. And I felt a sense of bliss upon savouring this cup of goodness when it was served.

My rich, creamy awesome cup of latte

The wait for the food was a little longer than expected but still manageable as I wasn’t that hungry. I was just enjoying the free WiFi and looking at my messages, browsing Instagram and editing my coffee picture 😀

Ham, Bacon, Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwich

For the record, I am not a waffles fan (yes I am not, believe it.) neither am I a processed meat kind of person (No I don’t worship bacon/ham/spam etc.). So the initial barrier to make me like this dish is pretty high but doesn’t it just look so appetising?

Crisp Waffles with melted cheese on it together with those layers of fresh lettuce, egg, bacon and ham.
The side salad with dried berries (raisins alike but I think it’s not grapes) in light vinaigrette dressing

Fresh crispy waffles that were honeyed with that melted cheese, with not so charred bacon and ham (the way I cook it ❤ for my other half), hard boiled egg and lettuce works. The combination of that savoury sinful processed meats with the refreshing bite of lettuce and the sweetness from the waffles, is a harmonious and delightful bite. And I loved that side salad so much, sweet and refreshing, I finished it before the waffles 😛

I knew I had to come back to try other mains and have another cup of that wondrous coffee. On my second visit I had the pasta with a cup of cappuccino.

Fish Fillet with Spicy Linguine

The linguine is stir fried in their house-made spicy sauce and egg, which taste a little like chilli crab sauce. It was sweet and slightly spicy, with generous amounts of egg with that pasta cooked just right. Loved it! Fish fillets (like the fish in the classic Fish’N’Chips) were pretty normal to me. That salad though, enough said, I will make something similar when I get into a cooking mood on weekends.

A cup of good coffee always make me feel like Super Woman

I honestly like their coffee better than CSHH. It feels more personal, with more heart in the coffee-brewing and cooking. Another thing that impressed me is the awesome team behind their Instagram. I tagged them in my IG pictures taken at the cafe and they respond warmly, even apologising for the wait on food. Personal touches like this goes a long way, keep it up, and the great coffee too 🙂 Dose! Cafe is open daily except Tuesdays, from 8:30am till 6pm on weekdays and till 9pm on weekends.

If you are heading down, do download the app Holler Out (Available on iOS and Andriod) and enter promo code “gastronomysg” to enjoy 10% off total spending of $20!

Dose! Cafe
139 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207557
(65) 9145 8103


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