Royal J’s Seafood 御马海鲜 – Lavender / Jalan Besar

On the way back from dinner at Char Restaurant, we passed by this corner coffee shop along Foch Road and noticed this newly opened seafood place. I googled and found out that they were previously from Macpherson and just recently moved into this neighbourhood. And their unique signature dish – Fried Porridge sounds too intriguing not to try.


We (my foodie parents and I) arrived pretty early as we were afraid of waiting too long if there was a crowd. Their menu had many dishes we wanted to try including the signature porridge. I was apprehensive about trying the crabs as I didn’t see live crabs anywhere in the kitchen nor outside the stall. I did ask about how much it would cost for future reference – $65 per kg, pretty standard for most (zichar) places.

Royal J’s Menu – Did anyone notice a dish that’s named wrong?
Fried Porridge with cubes of yam, cuttlefish, dried shrimps, fried pork lard, chives with generous amount of spring onions and fried shallots – SGD$6

The fried porridge was thick and savoury with loads of ingredients that I love in it : fried pork lard, cuttlefish and chives. It didn’t disappoint for sure, got thumbs up from my parents as well. The signature brown sauce with the rich porridge is a tad heavy though, so lucky we ordered a small one.

Kung Pao Squid (宫保 Sotong) SGD$15

We wanted something spicy hence we went for the Kung Pao instead of the salted egg squid. According to my mom’s intel on the prices of squid, it’s expensive to get this type of squid as it’s highly sought after for its moderate chewiness. Yes, other than being a crab expert. she happens to love squid a lot as well 😀 Royal J’s Kung Pao squid was stir fried with dried chilli, onions and spring onions – a good balance of spiciness and sweetness with the fresh squid.

Steamed Crystal Noodle Prawn 清蒸冬粉虾 SGD$25

These fresh sea prawns were steamed in a light soya-sesame oil sauce topped with fried garlic and coriander. This combination works for most seafood – fish, scallops, bamboo clams etc. The prawns were succulent and goes well with the “crystal noodles” that’s full with flavours from the sauce. A must-have in my opinion if you do try Royal J.

Tasty Fried Pork 特色炸肉 SGD$12

Tender pieces of pork coated with a honey/sweet plum sauce combination, crispy with sweetness on the palate is a gastronomical delight for adults and kids alike. The taste of this is similar to the honey pork ribs at Bai Le without the bones. It was my favourite dish for this meal, a must have!

Four Heavenly Kings 四大天王 SGD$8

The four heavenly vegetables kings are Okra, eggplant, long bean and petai (not sure of the scientific English word for this). The vegetables are stir fried in dried shrimp chilli (hei-bi-hiam in Hokkien) and it is a common dish to have on the menu in Malaysia as well as in Singapore. The Royal J’s chilli was good but the vegetables (I think you can see from the picture) were too old. They were kept for too long and had shrivelled, making it really not so enjoyable. This dish is definitely more well-prepared at Bai Le and Food R Us.

Will probably revisit and try out the other dishes like their butter prawns, salted egg squid, salted baked crab, Thai style pork knuckle and their curry fish head! For the quality of the food served, prices are reasonable. They do need to work on their kitchen staff / co-ordination as the wait for the food is slightly long given that there wasn’t much crowd. So my advice is to be early to avoid waiting too long. They are open daily from 11am till 2:30pm for lunch and 5pm till 11pm for dinner. Will update again!

Royal J’s Seafood
30 Foch Road
Singapore 209276
(65) 93573993


6 thoughts on “Royal J’s Seafood 御马海鲜 – Lavender / Jalan Besar

  1. I love to read a post with pro and con comments, it makes me curios about this outlet, the next time I am in Singapore, I will definitely try this place for its food, bearing in mind the level of service, but the pics looks so am going for 50-50 here..good luck to me.. cheers Lan (btw, thanks for liking my post)

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    1. Hey Lan, thank you for dropping by! Sorry to reply so late as I was away in California. And yes I do feel that most restaurants have pros and cons, totally agree with you that it paints a more realistic picture. Good luck on your visit here and let me know if you do visit any of the restaurants I wrote about if you enjoyed the food/service/etc. Cheers!

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      1. Hi Kyzrael.. wow you went to California!awesome, do write things about your trip, love to read that. Yup sure, I will write and tell you about my visits to the restaurants you wrote about. Its kinda a guide for me while being there! Awesome… Cheers

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        1. Yes I went to San Francisco, mainly in Napa Valley and two days in SF downtown. Will write about the trip just need to edit the 100001 pictures I took LOL 🙂 Great look forward to your visit to our sunny island 🙂

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  2. Went to try this with my family yesterday and we were utterly disappointed at the sucky attitude we were met with. We were initially looking to order a decent amount of food but firstly, there wasn’t enough menus to go around mine (and the other tables) but when there were finally menus available, they were not given to us. Secondly, their staff failed to inform us that not 100% of what was posted in the menu was available, so we only found out when we were about to order… We then had to reconsider our options since most of the things we wanted weren’t available and upon reordering, we were told yet again that they had run out of some dishes. (I might want to add that it was only 7pm.) Lastly, we were informed that the waiting time was 45mins to an hour. (There wasn’t much crowd to begin with).

    My family then decided not to wait such a long duration and wanted to cancel our order (less than 5 minutes after ordering, I might add), but the woman tried to make it difficult for us and told us she would ‘check to see if our orders were already being cooked.’ Weren’t we just told that there’d be a 45min to an hour’s wait?

    All in all I think this tze char stall is looking to only do ‘big’ businesses, so if you’re thinking of checking it out, be sure to be that in a big group. (We were there as a family of 4 and I felt largely unwelcomed).

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    1. Hi Yen, sorry to hear about that. A few of my friends and family members also experienced poor attitude and long waiting time :/

      Even with the good food, after hearing about the wait and bad service, I didn’t revisit either.

      One of my friend was told when she went at 730pm that she would be served at 930pm.


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