Koh Grill & Sushi Bar – Orchard (Revisited)

EDIT // I always do go back to Koh’s for my Sashimi fix and of course for the delicious grilled items and sushi. Didn’t want to write another new post so will just update with pictures and new content!

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
Koh Grill & Sushi Bar – Lunch Time

My all time favourite Japanese restaurant owned by my dear friend, Patrick Tay (Yep his surname isn’t Koh, long story). I have been going to Koh’s for a long time (2007? 2008?) since they first opened in a small section of Food Republic at Wisma Atria. Before they became famous with one hour long queues, I found solace sitting at the bar waiting for Patrick to concoct his next brilliant dish. And I would give my honest yay/nay plus I am so proud of a Singapore Chef doing so well with Japanese cuisine 🙂

Asari Miso Soup
Asari Miso Soup SGD$5

I usually start my meal with a comforting Asari Miso Soup. It’s filled with fresh clams in that thick broth, warming my stomach for the good food to come. An excellent subsitute, if they happen not to have fresh asari, is their salmon belly soup.

Shiok Maki
Shiok Maki (Gen 2 – Prawn) SGD$16.80

Their signature dish – Shiok Maki! There are two versions of this – one with king prawn and one with eel in the centre together with wakame (seaweed). Love both of them. A layer of aburi salmon topped with Chef’s signature mentai mayo sauce, with generous amount of tobiko (flying fish roe) is a genius combination of flavours and textures in a Maki.

Foie Gras with Scallop Sushi SGD$14

Ever felt like you need to hold your breath to savour something because you don’t want to miss any second of the taste in your mouth? This Foie Gras Hotate sushi feels that way for me. Having a bad day? – it makes me feel better. Having a good day? It make it the best day! The grilled soft rich fattiness of the foie gras together with the chewy succulent ocean taste of the hotate coupled with well-cooked sushi rice of the right amount. Put the whole thing (challenging) in your mouth without any sauce/wasabi and feel the “food-gasm”!

Uni Sushi
Uni Sushi $S12 for one

Uni Uni, how I love you. Fresh uni in any forms – I will enjoy it. But to be honest, this was a little overpriced for a small sushi. I would probably prefer going to Kai Sushi for my Uni fix, lower price for slightly better quality.

Pitan (Century Egg) Tofu SGD$4

Yes yes this is everywhere now, but the first time I had it was here. I even made it at home myself with tips from Chef Patrick! Chilled tofu infused with century egg yolk sauce and topped with century egg white, tobiko and spring onions. Refreshing and appetising. For those who love century egg, do try the Pitan Maki which is like this appetiser with rice. I am a bigger fan of Pitan Maki than of Shiok Maki because it’s less “heavy”.

PItan Maki
Pitan Maki SGD$16.80
Sake ($8 for 4 pieces), Mekajiki and Hotate ($5 for one scallop) Sashimi

Thick slices of fresh fish and scallop with the grainy fresh wasabi, can’t ever get enough of it. Easily one of the freshest sashimi in town at affordable pricing. White Tuna is one of the hot favourites at Koh’s due to the savoury & buttery taste on the palate. For this sashimi you can just have it plain without any Shoyu or wasabi.

White Tuna & Mekajiki Sashimi
White Tuna ($6 for two pieces) & Mekajiki (SGD$17.50) Sashimi
Koh Grill Bar Items
Koh’s Grill Bar Favourites – Foie Gras (SDG$8), Pork Cheek (SGD$2), Pork Belly (SGD$4) and Chicken Heart (SGD$2)

All of my favourite grilled items from the grill bar – chicken hearts, Foie Gras, pork cheek and pork belly. The items are all grilled with a little salt (except for the foie gras) and not overly charred with the meats still tender and juicy. One of my bestie who loves innards as much as I do, adore the chicken hearts skewers, we are always ordering seconds 🙂

Quail Egg wrapped in grilled bacon (not in menu) SGD$5 for two

This is one dish that never fail to impress everyone I brought to Koh’s. The quail egg is cooked like the ramen style of eggs with runny yolk inside. When you pop one in your mouth, remember to close it because the yolk burst out and gels with the bacon and it tastes like warm breakfast in a mouthful with a touch of grill yakitori flavour. I am glad that I haven’t found another restaurant that copied this.

Lamb Yaki
Lamb Yaki SGD$12

The lamb yaki is a dish I just tried out today and was pleasantly surprised. It was seasoned adequately with salt and pepper, the lamb was tender and still juicy even after the grilling. Definitely will re-order this on my next visit.

Asparagus Buta Special
Asparagus Buta Special SGD$10

It’s stir fried asparagus wrapped with pork belly, topped with roasted garlic and turnip garnish. Delicious seasoning on the pork belly and the garnish definitely complemented the slight sweetness of the asparagus. My only gripe is that the asparagus is the skinny drier type. Using the thicker crunchier asparagus would probably give a better texture and feel in the mouth.

Crappy Maki – SGD$18

This Crappy Maki is softshell crab (crappy : crabby) wrapped with aburi mekajiki (swordfish) topped with the signature sauce and tobiko. It’s slightly spiced the soft shell crab. It’s a different style from the Shiok Maki, but pretty interesting and not crappy at all.


Yeeks! Sorry for the bad photography. This was taken sometime ago when Patrick still had the luxury of time to make different self-invented sushi for me to try. Pardon my old fart brain I can’t recall all of them. The first one the right is aburi swordfish with some sauce on top. Next to it, it’s either duck or beef topped with uni. The one in the spoon if my memory serves me well it’s Natto coupled with tobiko on top of sushi rice wrapped with salmon. And the right most is so blur that I really can’t tell.


Catch of the day: Tobiuo (flying fish) with my usuals – Shima Aji and Salmon. Nothing less than what I expect here. Fresh fish from Japan and different features from time to time. I have had Shirako (Codfish sperm sacs) here as well as an array of catch-of-the-day.

This place is nostalgic and special to me. Like a first love feel. Do text to reserve tables or queue early to avoid disappointment. Lunch is not as crowded so if you have time mid-day do head down to support Chef Patrick!

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
435 Orchard Road
#04-21 Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
Singapore 238877
(65) 91803805 – Text to make reservations instead of calling 🙂 


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