The Refinery – Lavender (Revisited)

The Refinery is a cafe, bar and restaurant all together. First thing that I really like is the décor with bits of old school-ness about the place. Second is there’s no service charge! With free flow water and Wi-Fi, I can spend a whole day here.

The Refinery Singapore

Picture from
Scrabble blocks for table numbers! (Sadly they stopped using them)
Low hanging incandescent lights from the tall ceiling

I have been there for drinks, dinner / lunch / brunch. The place is almost always comfortably full.

Let’s start with Singaporean’s favourite meal of the day. BRUNCH!

Gyuniku Donburi The Refinery
Gyuniku Donburi SGD$16

This has to be the first feature because I can’t get enough of it. This is their Gyuniku Donburi – Truffle Hon Shimeji Mushrooms, tare marinated skirt steak with their signature 72 degree Onsen tamago. That right balance of rice, mushroom and beef together with the truffle seasoning, and the egg gelling the mix together is heaven in a bowl. I am not a big fan of rice but I finish this gastronomic bowl of goodness every single time I order it (and yes I have went back for it more than twice). A must-have!

Big Big Breakfast The Refinery
Big Big Breakfast SGD20

Smoked salmon scrambled eggs, Bratwurst sausage, Mapled Candied Bacon, grilled herbed tomatoes and hashbrown. Not for the petite eater. I personally found this mediocre, bacon and egg were delicious and the rest were not difficult to get it right.

The Refinery Cowboy Burger SGD22

Burgers are not my type of food – but delicious gourmet ones make the cut. The 180g Wagyu Beef patty with their own BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese (plus all the little nitty gritty stuff that makes a burger) topped with a fried quail egg between the buttery Brioche buns. It was a joy to savour this one. More worth it than the Big big Breakfast in my opinion.

Other mains that I have tried during brunch/lunch was the spicy mee akin to bak chor mee topped with their Signature Onsen Tamago. It was the chilli used for the noodles that toppled the whole balance of the dish. Not a tinge of spiciness just a lot of vinegarish taste and it stays on the palate way too long.

The Refinery Cauliflower Fritters
Cauliflower Fritters SGD10

I have tried a few of their sides – Refinery wings and salted egg onion rings. But this has got to be my favourite as I love cauliflower! Couple that with their Togarashi mayo dip. Super yummy! The rest were average or less than average like the onion rings with the salted egg sauce that tasted artificial.

The Refinery Mr Nutella
Mr Nutella SGD13

For you with the sweet tooth, Mr Nutella packs all the sinful goodness in a cup. Nutella, vanilla gelato and full cream milk topped with whipped cream, pretzels, milo nuggets, popcorn and old school ice gem biscuits. Overly sweet for me, but my other half loved it.


I am becoming quite the regular at The Refinery and since they launched a new menu in March, I didn’t hesitate asking a few friends along for coffee / drinks!

Coolest new item on their drinks menu is the Coffee Baller! Flavoured Espresso Ice Ball served with warm milk!

Coffee Baller The Refinery
Coffee Baller SGD$7.50

There are three flavours – Vanilla, Macadamia and Praline. The three of us ordered the vanilla and praline ones. We had so much fun pouring in the hot milk onto that ice ball of Espresso! And it is delicious too of course 🙂

We also ordered the delicious cauliflower fritters and the seaweed truffle fries.

Seaweed Truffle Fries - The Refinery
Seaweed Truffle Fries SGD12

Would have liked more truffle oil on these fries but still these hot crispy fries did taste good that it appealed to a non-potato lover like me!

Avocado Gau - The Refinery Shakes
Avocado Gau SGD16

This decadent looking milkshake has a lot of ingredients in it – fresh avocado, gula melaka (thickened palm sugar), espresso, full cream milk, vanilla gelato and topped with gula melaka, whipped cream, chocolate wafer, toasted marshmellows and brownie! The name itself does suggest that it was gonna be a cup full of goodness as “Gau” means in Hokkien thick or rich. Though it looks sickeningly sweet, surprisingly it wasn’t too overwhelming so. We could taste the avocado and gula melaka and that brownie with the shake was a great combination. Comparing this to Mr Nutella, I honestly prefer this.

On another visit with another two of my besties, we were there for drinks and dinner.

Save Water Drink Alcohol
Save Water Drink Alcohol

We ordered two cocktails to have before the food arrived because we wanted to save water 😀

King George Punch & Cookie Martini
King George Punch SGD16 & Cookie Martini SGD14

King George Punch was concocted from Rum, Amaretto (sweet almond-flavoured Italian liqueur), Strawberry Puree, Passionfruit Puree and pineapple juice. Taste wise, quote my bestie, it’s a little like cough mixture. For me, I really like it and I don’t mind cough mixture tasting cocktails! But we both do prefer the Cookie Martini much more! It’s a mixture of Vodka, Cookie Syrup and Fresh cream. It tastes a little like melted cookies and cream ice cream with alcohol.

Signature Molten Quail Eggs The Refinery
Signature Molten Quail Eggs SGD$4 for four

I have had these before and I highly recommended for us to order it. The 1 minute onsen style eggs in that rich ramen broth, topped with seaweed, spring onions and tobiko is comfort food for me. I guess I have a soft spot for all forms of onsen quail egg like the ones from Koh Grill & Sushi Bar.

Refinery Bowl with Onsen Tamago
Refinery Bowl SGD$8 with Onsen Tamago on the side SGD$3

First time trying this Japanese rice bowl with pulled Char Siew and pickled shitake. It’s decent but not as delicious as the Gyuniku Donburi.

We had some of their grill bar items. They were delicious and unexpectedly well cooked. Must try the grilled chicken hearts if you are a fan of innards. The wagyu rib-eye and shiok bak are also yummy!

A special mention to their Nightcap in a Pot – it’s hot alcoholic tea served in a pot for four. The Hot Yuzu Lemon Hendricks Tea had a slightly sourish sweetness coupled with the alcohol, gives one a warm and fuzzy buzz. It felt good to be sipping warm alcoholic tea in place of slurping the usual beers or spirits.

There are still new items on their refined menu that I have yet to try out so I will be back soon! Do follow them on their Facebook or Instagram for yummy pictures and updates!

The Refinery
115 King George’s Avenue
Singapore 208561
(65) 62931204

Opening hours
Lunch : Tue – Fri 1200 – 1500 hrs
Dinner: Tue / Wed / Thur 1800 – 0000 hrs Fri / Sat 1800 – 0100 hrs
Brunch: Sat / Sun 1100-1600 hrs


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