Sankai Japanese Restaurant – Bugis (Revisited)

If you are feeling not so rich and crave for some Japanese, give Sankai a try. You can buy a Qoo10 e-ticket for SGD 29.90 (minimum 2 to dine) for lunch. Dinner is an additional $6. All inclusive (GST and service charge included) with free flow green tea/lime juice/lemon tea! And here’s their full menu.

It’s definitely not “mind-blowing” Japanese food at Sankai. I definitely prefer my Koh Grill & Sushi Bar for the premium Japanese fix. However for the moolahs you pay, the quality and variety is very worth it. Sashimi is fresh and comes in small cuts, with choices from Aburi Salmon, Maguro (Tuna), Salmon, Kajiki (Blue Marlin), Hamachi (Yellow Tail), Tako, Ika and Sweet Amaebi.

Sashimi Sankai
Overload with your monthly quota of sashimi
Aburi Kajiki, Aburi Salmon and Wasabi Ebiko Sushi

Their selections of sushi are impressive for a small restaurant. I really enjoy the petite serving sizes because it lets you have more stomach space to try out a huge variety of their buffet items. Wouldn’t recommend the temaki-s as there were too much rice in the handrolls we tried out.


The chawanmushi exceeded expectations with its silkiness and flavours. Beats some of the chawanmushi served in non-buffet restaurants.

Spicy Scallop, Seasoned Top Shell and Baby Octopus

Unlimited servings of my three favourite appetisers, I think I ordered them like thrice. Just sweet, salty and spicy altogether!

Prawn, Cuttlefish and Eggplant Tempura
Prawn, Cuttlefish and Eggplant Tempura

I highly recommend ordering their tempura items – especially the prawns! Crispy light batter with fresh prawns hot from the fryer. It was one of the more popular items being ordered for the buffet as I see many other tables stacking piles of Tempura prawns. If you are not a fan of tempura, there’s also poached prawns under the appetisers section, where the prawns are really fresh too! Just need to peel 😀

Not a fan of the breaded cod fish and shishamo from the fried items list. They were too dry with a tasteless batter.

Chicken Skewer (Yakitori)
Chicken Skewer (Yakitori)

The yakitori was a good mix of fats and meat and grilled with delicious teriyaki sauce. We didn’t think it would actually be nice and just ordered two sticks to try it out and we ended up ordering more!

Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce

Same goes for the Teriyaki Chicken. Just the right amount of fats and tender chicken meat in the sweet Teriyaki Sauce. The grilled salmon with Teriyaki sauce however was a tad disappointing. Probably because they used such a thin slice of salmon, it was overcooked.

Their Udon and Soba items were cooked well with the bounciness of the noodles in the chew. The portions however were a little big – probably can request for a smaller portion so as not to incur any wastage.

Hokkigai and Hotate Sashimi
Ala-carte item: Hokkigai and Hotate Sashimi SGD$10

I tried their Hotate (Scallop) & Hokkigai (Surf clam) sashimi during lunch hour and it only cost me SGD10 for both of it! Juicy succulent shell fish never fails to make my day.

Been to Sankai many times and yes service can be slow during peak timings. I have however learnt the trick to start ordering the next batch of food when you are about half done with the first batch. You won’t end up drinking lots of tea because you are bored of the wait. If you aren’t a fan of buffet, you can choose from their set lunches and dinner which are also of good value.

For below $30, I honestly can’t ask for more. A few hits and some misses, I will just focus on ordering the hits over and over again 🙂

Sashimi Sankai
Sashimi all day long

Do call in advance to make reservations and they do have free private rooms for 6 to 8pax. They are opened for lunch 12noon to 3pm and dinner starts from 6pm till 11pm. Go get some sashimi today!

Sankai Japanese Restaurant
1 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189022

(65) 6336 0384


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