Fratini la Trattoria – Greenwood / Botanic Gardens

Greenwood is an area with a few outstanding restaurants to have a delightful meal at. Fratini is definitely one of the more unique ones for me. This restaurant was opened by Chef Gabriel Fratini in 2013, an Italian chef with over 40 years of experience. Recently there has been a change of hands as the business is sold to a local restaurateur who has maintained the operation style and the existing staff.

Fratini la Trattoria
Fratini la Trattoria

There’s no menu at Fratini as the chefs acquire fresh produce from the market daily to create the Italian “omakase” meal. Lunch starts from SGD45++ and dinner SGD85++ with more courses than your stomach can take.

It was pretty packed for a weekday lunch timing in such a secluded area. Service staff attended to me promptly, enquiring if I had any special dietary requirements and if I wanted a wine recommended for the meal. Good first impression made 🙂

Cold Antipasto - Fratini
Cold Antipasto

From left to right: crayfish with cocktail sauce, scallop with mashed pumpkin topped with Burrata cheese and codfish with sautéed eggplant and tuna purée. The fresh ingredients together with creative condiments made this a good opener for the meal. If I had to choose, my favourite had to be the scallops with mashed pumpkin topped with burrata cheese. A good balance of sweetness from the pumpkin together with the creamy cheese on that succulent scallop – I definitely wanted seconds of that.

warmappetiser (2)
Warm Antipasto #1

This was my favourite antipasto out of the three I was served. The lamb fillet was cooked just right, topped with delicious Porcini (nutty-flavoured mushroom) sauce with a sweet potato purée. On the side was a button mushroom baked with sun-dried tomatoes and garnished with crispy garlic. The flavours worked well on the palate, piquing my curiousity about main dish.

Warm Antipasto Fratini
Warm Antipasto #2

This antipasto consisted of calamari with cherry tomatoes and mushrooms together with a chick peas sauce. Not as good as the first and second antipasto in my opinion. A little salty for my liking.

Seafood Linguine with Salmon and Prawns
Seafood Linguine with Salmon and Prawns

I was already getting pretty full from the three antipasti but the excitement of trying the pasta didn’t die off. It was a light Porcini sauce on the home-made linguine with “pink” salmon (not overcooked) and prawns. I was really relieved that the portion was not too much to finish.

Mango Panna Cotta & Deconstructred Tiramisu

The best of both worlds on a plate! My two favourite Italian desserts – Panna Cotta and Tiramisu! The panna cotta was perfectly set with a sweet-sour mango coulis. Strong aromas of coffee and taste of the Amaretto in that tiramisu with a balance of sweetness was heavenly. The desserts had to be my favourite out of all the dishes, which is a rarity considering the fact I am not one with a sweet tooth.

Wines @ Fratini la Trattoria

I really enjoyed my lunch and would definitely want to return for dinner with my other half as he loves Italian food. The element of surprise with culinary excellence makes it an experience that is worth every single buck and worth travelling to Greenwood for. They are open for lunch from Thursdays to Sundays and dinners from Tuesdays to Sundays.

Fratini La Trattoria
10 Greenwood Avenue
Singapore 289201
(65) 68846884


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