Strictly Pancakes – Selegie [Closed]

Looking for a quick bite around The Cathay before our movie, my besties and I decided to try out the savoury pancakes from Strictly Pancakes in a corner shop house opposite PoMo.

Strictly Pancakes – Seating downstairs and upstairs

The menu is intriguing with unique variations of both savoury and sweet pancakes. The butter comes in interesting flavours such as rum & raisin and garlic herb and they only use pure Canadian maple syrup for the pancakes.

Strictly Pancakes Menu
Strictly Pancakes Menu

We ordered the Potatoes Leeking Cheese, Garlic Buttered Prawns and the Sunny Porker!

Potatoes Leeking Cheese Pancakes
Potatoes Leeking Cheese Pancakes SGD$12

These pancakes were stuffed with potatoes together with cheese and a little teeny bit of leek. There were sautéed mushrooms and sour cream on the side as well as the rum and raisin butter. This combination was a little off for me, just too little leek to balance the richness of the potatoes and the cheese. And I am not a big potato fan 😛

Maple Syrup & the different butters!
Maple Syrup & the different butters! (Clockwise from top: Garlic Herb, Salted and Rum & Raisin)

The rum & raisin butter really tasted like the buttery version of the ice cream flavour! Their specialty butters did sound interesting, but in my honest opinion, it was underwhelmed by the savoury pancakes as there were lots of flavours in play already.

The Sunny Porker
The Sunny Porker SGD$13

The Sunny Porker had all the delicious breakfast elements in it. There were bits of bacon in one of the pancake, and sausages in the other. On the top, there were two sunny side up eggs with capsicum and corn salad at the side. I really liked the side salad that added the zest and textures to the breakfast pancakes.

Garlic Buttered Prawn Pancakes
Garlic Buttered Prawn Pancakes (Downsized) SGD$14

This was definitely our favourite out of the three. The rich, buttery and super garlicky sauce with succulent prawns on top of the sweet pancakes was just perfect. You could taste the bits of garlic with the pancakes and together with the cherry tomato salad – it was a balance in flavours and textures on the palate.

We were too full from the savoury ones to try out the sweet ones. A word of caution for the coffee addicts, do go for other drinks as the coffee was disappointing. Though I didn’t get to enjoy a cup of coffee, I definitely appreciated the gesture that they replaced it with another drink and it was on the house! They were also asking for our feedback on the food as well. The excellent service puts a smile on my face and makes me want to return to have more of their unique pancakes! Can’t wait to try the sweet ones when I revisit 🙂

Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674
(65) 63334202
Opening hours


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