Teppei Syokudo – City Hall / Orchard / Raffles Place / Tanjong Pagar

If you have been following my Instagram, you would have noticed that I have a recent addiction to Kaisendon from Teppei. I visited almost all their outlets to try the food and now I am ready to write about my infatuation with Teppei.

Let’s start with Ngee Ann City outlet which is the one I frequent the most as I am in Orchard pretty often for work.

Scallop Kaisendon with Uni Topping SGD$17.80 + SGD$8

The fresh buttery salmon cubes that are generous in cut comes together with swordfish, tuna (I usually request for this to be omitted), ark clam and baby scallops. On the top, there are my favourites – ikura, juicy scallops (Hotate) and Uni! These sashimi come with rice at the bottom as well as freshly grated wasabi on the side.

This bowl of goodness have practically everything I love with a moderate portion of rice. Seasoning is just right, not too wet nor too dry though this is very much dependant on the chef on duty. I have went back on weekends and weekdays, sometimes the seasoning is too little and makes it less enjoyable. The kaisendon also comes with a free miso soup with a premium topping of SGD$8.

Free Miso Soup with Premium Topup of SGD$8
Fried items at Ngee Ann City Outlet

Though I am not a big fan of fried food, I did try the Hokkaido Scallop which was cheesy and crispy. Decent but not enough for me to want to have these items over Kaisendon 🙂

I found out from the staff at Ngee Ann City outlet that some of the outlets in town are franchises and only Ngee Ann City and Five Square@Pickering Street are directly under Chef Yamashita Teppei’s management.

So I went on to visit the other “fast-food” outlets which are the franchises. The seasoning is always a bit off for me, like the one at Millenia Walk – lacking in the saltiness and umami-ness. And the sashimi wasn’t really fresh.

Kaisendon @ Teppei Syokudo Millenia Walk

The latest one at Ion Orchard is under the same management as Millenia Walk which is unique as it’s DIY style, allowing you to customise what you like for your Kaisendon.

Kaisendon Bar @ Ion

You can choose the size and condiments for either a rice or salad bowl.

DIY Kaisendon Menu @Teppei Ion Orchard

As I already had lunch before I popped by, I went for a small salad with salmon and baby scallops. I also added the flying fish roe as topping.

Small Kaisen Salad SGD$12.60

The portion was really small (though in the picture it looks like a decent portion, I found a good angle :P) but that’s not even the worst part. The staff at Ion are really slow, there were only like 2 orders in front of me and yet I waited almost 20 minutes for my kaisen salad. AND they didn’t have Uni as topping (same at Millenia Walk) so unlikely for me to revisit.

Apparently the Republic Plaza one at Raffles Place is a standalone franchise. I didn’t take a picture of the Kaisendon as it was overly dry and I think it was the first time I didn’t manage to finish the rice with the sashimi. I am not sure if the one at Raffles City (City Hall) is franchised or not but their Kaisendon was decent, seasoning tasted right.

Next up the one at Pickering Street!

Seared Salmon Sashimi Don
Seared Salmon Sashimi Don SGD$16.80

My other half ordered the aburi salmon don and I ordered my usual.

Scallop Kaisendon with Uni Topping SGD17.80 + SGD$8

The seared salmon cuts were thick and buttery, super yummy with that seasoning over the rice. And the Kaisendon didn’t disappoint as well, the standards were of Ngee Ann City’s except that there was no free Miso Soup here for the Uni Top-up. I have concluded that the non-franchises do serve better Kaisendon-s 😀

Last but not least, the original Kaisendon at Tanjong Pagar! Their flagship restaurant is along Tras Street and reservations are mandatory. The waiting list is opened two months before on their Facebook page and there are many rules to adhere to. I went to Hana Hana that’s also under Teppei and just beside it, to try out the Kaisendon there. As I was there pretty late for lunch (2pm ish), there was no queue nor crowd! Yay!

Hana Hana @Tras Street - 18 seater
Hana Hana @Tras Street – 18 seater

The waitress brought a glass of cold green tea as I sat down. I wasted no time and ordered the Kaisendon (no scallop version here) with Uni Topping.

Kaisendon SGD$17.80 + Uni SGD$8

At first look, the Kaisendon is pretty different from the other outlets. The topping of seaweed and generous amount of sesame seeds added the textures to the kaisendon. The sauce is also more fragrant, with tinges of fruits in the seasoning. I asked the Chef about the ingredients and of course was politely declined the details 😦

I was served miso soup and there were also additional side dishes that were part of the meal.

Salted Vegetables & Bean Sprouts
Braised Radish, Carrots and Pork Ribs

The radish was cooked till it’s soft and soaked up all the soup and flavours – my favourite way of having radish like in soups. I definitely liked my experience at Hana Hana the most. Though there’s service charge and G.S.T for the bill, it was well worth it for the service and side dishes.

I definitely will make a booking for their omakaze next door soon. Meanwhile I will get my Kaisendon fix in Hana Hana or Ngee Ann City when I need to.

Teppei Syokudo
1 Tras Link
Singapore 078867


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