Shashlik – Orchard

There was a lot of excitement from my peers, who have dined at Shashlik before they closed in November 2015, as the news of its reopening spread like wildfire. I haven’t been to Shashlik myself but I have definitely heard both good and bad comments on the restaurant. And through my initial experience of reserving a table which was a nightmare, I didn’t hold very high hopes on the food.

Shashlik Restaurant

They had maintained the overall feel and look of the Russo-Hainanese restaurant according to my foodie bestie. And most of the staff were rehired from before. For the month of April, there’s a 10% off total food bill for the ala carte menu as it is their 30th anniversary. Do visit their Facebook for more promotional updates.

Shashlik Interior
Inside the Restaurant – seats were all reserved
Menu at Shashlik together with old school bread bun served before the meal

Through the recommendations of my bestie on the signature dishes that we have to try, we quickly placed our order. It didn’t take long for the food to arrive even with the restaurant being packed for lunch.

Shashlik Borshch Soup
Borshch Soup

This is one of the items that I keep hearing patrons rave about. The tomato broth had cabbage, carrots and generous chunks of beef shank in it. Topped with the sour cream, it was creamy and appetising, with the acidity from the tomato and the juicy beef bites. We also ordered the mushroom soup which was disappointing with a lack of mushroom flavours and just overly creamy.

Escargots a la Bourguignonne

The escargots were sautéed and then toasted in their homemade garlic butter and parsley. With all of my favourite ingredients in this dish, it should have been heavenly. But it wasn’t. It was as though the Chef forgot to add seasoning and there was a lack of saltiness or flavours for me. The garlic didn’t taste much like garlic and no fragrance of that parsley either. It was a let down for this dish.

Shashlik of Beef
Shashlik of Lamb

We ordered both the lamb and beef skewers but were a little confused at the difference in presentation. The beef was boring with no sides on the hot plate, instead the sides were served separately. The lamb however had all the vegetables and fries with the skewers on the hot plate. Both were not served with any sauce but the flavours of the meat were good enough on its own. I personally preferred the lamb to the beef because of the tenderness of the meat.

Beef Stroganoff

The Beef Stroganoff was pretty ordinary to me. It’s sort of like stir fry beef with some vegetables and rice. Pretty much what you can get anywhere else in my opinion. We would have much preferred to try out the Oxtail Stew which is only available on weekends.

They are also famous for their Baked Alaska which had rich vanilla ice cream inside with the sponge cake. The staff lights up the flaming alcohol that they pour slowly onto the cake, mesmerising the patrons with that fire. I was more sold on the sight of this dish than the taste of it. Well, I am not the desserts sort of person but it was definitely an interesting dessert to watch. I would like to try their Cherry Jubilee on my next visit to witness a similar fire ritual!

We spent about $150 for 3 people after the 10% discount, which was really decent for the quality food we enjoyed. It was the feeling of being transported back in time with the décor, food and the experienced staff that won me over.

The traditional brand of Shashlik holds true in their way of serving the food and culinary styles, which is so dear to the hearts of many Singaporeans. I am glad that I tried out the food despite it was tough getting a reservation done. And I would definitely bring my Dad here to reminiscence good old times on weekends especially for their Oxtail Stew.

Shashlik Restaurant
545 Orchard Rd
#06-19 Far East Shopping Centre
Singapore 238882


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