Tanuki Raw Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku

Tanuki Raw – Bugis & Orchard

For my job, I have to visit restaurants and hotels in town area a whole lot. Hence, lunch time is flexible, allowing for some me-time or catch up time with friends. Tanuki Raw at Kapok is one of my regular go-to place for a comforting lunch alone. And the main reason why it’s so is because of their awesome Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku Don.

Tanuki Raw's Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku Don
Tanuki Raw’s Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku Don – SGD$19

I am beyond satisfied with that generous chunk of glistening foie gras with tender juicy slices of US Black Angus short rib beef. And look at that gorgeous onsen egg with truffle oil on top of it all. I will never get sick of this bowl of savoury flavours on a bed of seasoned rice. Plus it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket – just a mere SGD$19 for this!

The rice in the donburi

I loved the rice in the donburi which is tasty on its own. Add that egg, beef and foie gras in a mouthful, I am in heaven. My only gripe is that sauce on the foie gras is a little too sweet and tend to overpower the truffle flavours so I usually scrap off most of that sauce.

In terms of value, I would say this donburi beats The Refinery’s Gyuniku Donburi mainly because of that huge piece of Foie Gras.

Sometimes I do indulge myself with sides like oysters.

A lonely Fine de Claire oyster – SGD$6

Fine de Claire oysters are from France and carries a sweeter and fruity flavour to it. It’s however much more worth it during happy hour at Tanuki Raw – only $2 each with a cocktail ordered (Capped at 6 per cocktail).

Salmon Skin with Garlic Lime Chilli Sauce – SGD$5

Didn’t enjoy the salmon skin as much as it was a little tough not crispy. The chilli however was superb.

Iced Latte – SGD$5.50

A good iced latte to end off a meal with, it never fails to make me smile to have a little caffeine intake. Especially after a satisfying lunch.

I had to come by during Happy Hour with my other half to try out their interesting cocktails and of course have some more of that donburi and oysters!

Lost Coast Brewery Sharkinator White IPA & Sake Honey
Lost Coast Brewery Sharkinator White IPA – SGD$12 and Sake Honey – SGD$10

I was a little confused at the White IPA being a dark beer but nonetheless it was sweet and frothy. The sake honey was a concoction of Manuka Honey, Junmai Daiginjo Sake and fresh lemon and tasted like it didn’t have much alcohol. Totally a ladies drink, but the gentleman had the cocktail. I was the one having the beer 🙂

Between 5pm to 7pm, it’s their Happiest of Hours where you get a free katsu crust truffle yakiniku beef slider with each alcoholic drink ordered.

Katsu Crust Truffle Yakiniku Beef Sliders – FREE!

There were mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and yummy beef in between the crispy hot katsu crusts – and most importantly it was free! (Yes I am showing some Singaporeanism)

Half a dozen of Fine de Claire Oysters
Half a dozen of Fine de Claire Oysters – SGD$2 each (Capped at 6 per alcoholic drink ordered)

I can never resist fresh raw oysters! The texture and taste on the palate brings me to the ocean, ever so slightly sweet. When you do the “slurp” in your mouth, it just slides down your throat. It gives me goosebumps thinking about how delicious these were. I had like 10 on my own and my other half who isn’t a fan of raw oysters took only 1.

Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku Don – SGD$23

I know you might be getting sick of the number of pictures of this donburi. This one had the egg yolk oozing out so I couldn’t resist posting it. It’s slightly more expensive during happy hours and dinner time but still so worth it.

I have not been to the other branch at Orchard Central which serves Chirashi Dons as well. I definitely would drop by soon to try those out. The staff at the Kapok branch mentioned that their sister outlet – The Standing Sushi Bar is nearby hence they do not serve Chirashi Don at this branch. By the way, their Happy Hour is daily including weekends! A great place to go for an early dinner / cocktail session with your girls/buddies. They do not take reservations for either outlets so do be early 🙂

Tanuki Raw at Kapok
111 Middle Road
01-05 National Design Centre
Singapore 188969

Tanuki Raw at Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
#04-01 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Tanuki Raw’s Facebook
Tanuki Raw’s Instagram


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