Nakajima Suisan Oden

Nakajima Suisan – Orchard

My bestie couldn’t stop raving about the grilled fish from Nakajima Suisan so we went for lunch at this cosy corner at Takashimaya basement. The restaurant was packed! We had to wait a while for a table for two.

Nakajima Suisan
Nakajima Suisan
Nakajima Suisan Set Menus
Nakajima Suisan Set Menus

I chose the Gindara Teriyaki set and my bestie went with a Hokkaido Shio Saba set (seasonal item). The staff were efficient with service and we didn’t have to wait very long for our food.

Gindara Teriyaki SGD14.50

A buttery and oily fish when cooked perfectly falls apart in flakes. I can never resist a well-cooked Gindara especially in that delicious Teriyaki sauce. The set came with Miso soup, salad and tofu on the side. It was very worth the price tag and there was no service charge!

Salad and tofu
Salad and tofu
Hokkaido Shio Saba Set SGD$10.90

Saba has a unique salty fishiness and its firm flakes of flesh is almost always consistent. The Hokkaido Saba was fattier with more oils and delightful to savour. Alike Tuna, it has this characteristic that Japanese like to describe as Kokumi – a newer taste concept than Umami. It’s referred to the “heartiness” of taste or a “mouthful” feel on the palate alike the “body” of a wine.

Oden SGD$5

Oden is like the Japanese version of our local “Yong-Tau-Fu” with a sweet broth. There are japanese fish cakes, eggs and soft sweet radishes in the soup that goes so well with our set menu. One of my favourite comfort food to have especially on a rainy day.

Nakajima Suisan Sashimi and Sushi

They also offered sashimi and sushi. So if there’s a long queue for the eat-in, you can take away these for a quick lunch! Definitely a budget eat that’s worth every cent at a location where you are spoilt for choice. Will be back to try other seasonal fishes that the restaurant serves up from time to time.

Nakajima Suisan
391A Orchard Road
#B2-01-01 Takashimaya Food Hall
Singapore 238872


2 thoughts on “Nakajima Suisan – Orchard

  1. This is one of my favourite Japanese grilled fish go-to eateries in Singapore too. I usually don’t like to eat Saba Fish but Nakajima really changed my perception of the fish hehe. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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