1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar – Jalan Besar / Farrer Park

I have passed by this restaurant several times and saw many pictures of the food on IG. So I dragged my other half to go along as he loves pasta, pizza and anything with cheese! Unlike me.

There was a set lunch promotion so we went with one set lunch, a black truffle egg pizza, an appetiser and their signature Tiramisu. I went around admiring the decor in the restaurant as we waited for the food. There were many unique hand crafted wall displays. Really creative!

Iconic national monuments of international cities
Iconic national monuments of international cities – Can you recognise them all? 😀

Beer bottle caps were used for the piece above. So pretty and A+ for effort!

Metal decorative piece
Metal round things that I am pretty sure are spare parts – But I am really a nooblet at mechanical stuff
Wire Photo Frame Holder – My photograph didn’t do it justice, it looked really nice on the white wall.

The restaurant was pretty quiet for lunch hour but I am pretty sure dinner and evening time the crowd is there with their pints of beer going for only SGD$7!

Old school metal “gather” gates and simple black and white theme – hanging incandescent lights never fails to bring warmth to a space
Wild Mushroom Soup
Wild Mushroom Soup – Part of Set Lunch
Seafood Soup SGD$8.80

We liked the mushroom soup more as it was very “mushroomy” and creamy rich. Their croutons were all toasted with garlic and went really went with the soups. Seafood soup wasn’t as good in our opinions. It was lacking the oceanic flavours though there were so much ingredients in it – prawns, squids, scallops and fish.

Foie Gras
Foie Gras SGD$16.80

The foie gras was a generous portion served on top of toasted bread and with salad on the side. This is one of the dishes I really liked. The berry red wine sauce on the foie gras gave the richness a balance of acidity and the foie gras was pan-fried perfectly. I took my time to enjoy this dish even as the entrées were served.

Black Truffle Egg Pizza SGD$23.80

I absolutely love black truffles and egg! The mushrooms with aromatic black truffle oil combined with the mozzarella and parmesan cheese on the thin crust pizza, topped with that sunny side up egg really worked! I took bite into that crispy crust – not so much cheese, more of the truffle and mushroom, which was perfect for me! My other half had to “pour” cheese on his slices as he found it not cheesy enough. I had like three slices of this pizza – which is a feat for me as I don’t really like pizza.

Linguine Mussel White Wine – Part of Set Lunch $13.80

The pasta was a tad disappointing, given how good it looked. The white wine sauce is a little too sour, lacking salt. Pasta was a little overcooked as well. We didn’t manage to finish this. The set lunch consisted of the soup, main, a scoop of ice cream and a choice of drink from Coke/Sprite or Green Tea at just SGD$13.80 NETT. Quite the deal though I would suggest to go for another main.

We ordered the Tiramisu for desserts which we are so glad we did.

Tiramisu SGD$8

Their homemade tiramisu was really as they described on menu – melts in your mouth. Great balance of the Amaretto, coffee and sweetness. And I totally love the touches of grapes and berries on the top with that solo stick of Pocky! Definitely one of the must-haves for me on my next visit. I would want to return for some alcohol and try some of their other dishes like truffle cream pasta. And probably more of that pizza & tiramisu as well!

1 Tyrwhitt Bistro & Bar
1 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207522
(65) 6341 5167


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