20F Pastries

20F Specialty Coffeehouse – Jalan Besar [Closed]

Going with the trend of keeping the original look of previous tenants, alike the famous Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee and the craft beer place Druggists, both of which maintained the old-school exterior and most of the interior, the 20F Specialty Coffeehouse has majority of the shop house décor intact.

20F Specialty Coffeehouse (Previously a clinic)

My other half had cravings for waffles so we came by to try out their sweets and coffee. They have pastries, savouries and loads of choices of drinks from their specialties on ice to coffees.

20F Pastries
The array of pastries – spoilt for choice

The cafe has three sections and the area I liked the most is the open air section right at the back. The only con is that it’s right outside the kitchen so there will be food smell from sitting out there.

Alfresco area with great sunlight

We chose the seats just overlooking this section instead.

Seat View
I should have photo shopped out the EXIT sign but I am lazy 😛

Our food came shortly with our coffees. We went with the Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel specialty on ice as well as their 20F Iced Coffee.

Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel SGD$7.50 and 20F Iced Coffee SGD$6.50
Dark Chocolate with Salted Caramel SGD$7.50 and 20F Iced Coffee SGD$6.50

I really liked the affogato style of their 20F Iced Coffee. Their blend is Liberty Coffee’s Speakeasy Blend which has caramel and nutty flavours, coupled with vanilla ice cream- it’s a divine cup of coffee. The dark chocolate with salted caramel is topped with pistachios on top of dark chocolate sorbet, vanilla bean ice cream and cold milk. It has a good balance of bitterness, sweetness and saltiness with rich creaminess. Perfect for my sweet-toothed other half.

Maple Granola (SGD$12)

The maple granola had all of my favourite breakfast items presented in a “fun” way as you can pour as much syrup as you like. The fresh fruits, granola and the generous amount of maple syrup together with the greek yoghurt on the palate was a mouthful of lovely textures and just totally yums!

Espresso Kahlua Waffles SGD$12

This was an intriguing coffee and alcohol on waffles idea – espresso kahlua sauce on buttermilk waffles together with dark chocolate sorbet, vanilla bean ice cream, streusel and pistachio toppings. Streusel is a crumbly topping of flour, butter, and sugar which together with the pistachio nuts added a crunchiness to the waffles. The sauce is bitter which honestly with the ice cream tasted even more bitter. Waffles were kinda soft and not the crispy type that I love at Dose. This was a let down for me and my other half struggled to finish it even though he came especially for the waffles.

I would definitely revisit for their 20F coffee as well as try out their mains. Love the interesting ideas they have for their menu which are different from the other cafes around the area.

20F Specialty Coffeehouse
20 Foch Road 
Singapore 20926
(65)6291 4940

P/S: Working on pictures and content from my Napa trip to highlight the food and wine I had in California so those will be coming up soon!


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