Harvest Inn – Napa Valley, St Helena

My Instagram was spammed with pictures of the wondrous meals I have had at Napa Valley and San Francisco town area two weeks back. I do miss the weather, the scenic views and of course the food & wine in Napa Valley. So much that I did ask for job opportunities there 😀

First of the Napa Valley entries that I am featuring is Harvest Inn – the hotel that I stayed at for the first three nights of my trip. We checked in pretty late as our flight only landed at eight plus in the evening and the drive is about one hour and a half to Napa Valley.

Harvest Inn Lobby
Harvest Inn Lobby
Harvest Table (Restaurant) Bar

One remarkable observation I have made during my trip is that service is top-notch wherever we went. The staff always seemed passionate and enthusiastic when attending to us, with a smile all the time.

Harvest Inn Room – Spacious and comfy, feels homely
Harvest Inn Room Fireplace
A mini fireplace in the Harvest Inn Room

I should have been feeling all the jet lag and having insomnia given that I was on the other side of the globe. However after settling in, I fell asleep really quick in that big comfy bed, getting ample rest for my symposium which would be commencing at 730am in the morning.

Having to wake up at 6am is tough but I was so glad I made it for breakfast. Scrambled eggs, caramelised bacon, potatoes, oats and quiche for the warm breakfast I so needed.

Harvest Table Breakfast Spread

There was also smoked salmon, fresh sweet tomatoes and onions, together with Greek yoghurt in different flavours and breakfast cereals on the side.

The Harvest Table Breakfast
Fresh fruits, freshly baked pastries
The Harvest Table Breakfast
My sumptuous breakfast plate

A good cup of coffee and this breakfast made a great start for a busy day ahead.

Napa Valley
The clouds, the greenery and the blue blue sky
Napa Valley
Lake in one of the vineyards

I will just post two of the 10001 pictures I took of the scenery. Highly recommend to visit Napa Valley at least once in your lifetime, especially if you love the countryside and wines.

We were back to Harvest Inn to rest our feet and prepare for our welcome dinner at The Harvest Table. I walked around to take some pictures of the beautiful inn before dinner.

Outdoor area of Harvest Table Bar
Harvest Inn Garden
Harvest Inn Rooms
Exterior of the rooms at Harvest Inn

I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of being surrounded by nature in the cool weather that is like outdoor air conditioning. It was an average of 12-15 degrees Celsius the entire day with strong winds.

Harvest Table outdoor dining area
The Harvest Table Dinner Menu
Dinner Menu
When the sun came down – the alfresco area was so beautiful (apologies for the terribad picture)

The romantic setting was like the perfect garden wedding set up – facing vast fields of grape vines with the sun setting as we started the dinner, breathtaking view with delicious food.

Grilled Ribeye and Truffle Roasted Chicken
Grilled Ribeye and Truffle Roasted Chicken

The food pairing was done pretty well and the Chef did a great job on the savoury items. However, the desserts were both below average.

The night passed so fast and of course we adjourned for more drinks at the bar. Nothing like a Rosé to end a beautiful first day in Napa Valley.


I was more than glad to return to my room to rest in the super comfortable and warm bed. For the next two days, other than breakfast we didn’t have our meals at the Inn.

Though just a three nights’ stay, I was utterly mesmerised by the ambience and décor at the Harvest Inn. And of course having Harvest Table, Chef Charlie Palmer’s Wine Country kitchen, serve good food is another bonus. And we were each given a complimentary cook book signed by Chef Palmer!

The rooms are at USD$325++ for one night, a little more pricey than the average inn stay in the same area but so totally worth it. I reminiscence about my stay there so often since I have been back that I likely would plan a trip there again with my other half.

Harvest Inn by Charlie Palmer
1 Main St
St Helena
CA 94574 United States
+1 707-963-9463


9 thoughts on “Harvest Inn – Napa Valley, St Helena

    1. Yes Elle, I keep dreaming of going back there. 20 hours of flight from Singapore though – that’s the tortuous part :/ but yea totally loved it!


          1. Yeah, two stopovers on the way to India, and the return trip was even more of an adventure! A 12 hour train leaving at 4:30AM from Dehradun to Delhi. Then, waiting at the airport till 1:30 AM for the flight to Paris. Then from Paris to Montreal instead of Toronto because of ice on the runway. And, then finally Montreal to Toronto, and then Toronto to Vancouver. All the trains had stopped by then so I had to take a taxi from the airport to my condo. I got back at 2:30AM on Christmas morning! The most exhausting (and awesome) time of my life 😛

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