Hog Island Oysters at Ferry Building

Ferry Building – San Francisco

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning to head down to Ferry Building as we were excited about the farmers’ market. The walk was easy from Union Square with great weather, just one straight path past the Financial District to Ferry Building.

San Francisco Financial District

The handicrafters and jewellers were the first few stalls we saw as we entered the vicinity. There were unique accessories made from precious stones that glimmered in the sun, crafted from daily utensils like fork and spoon and also from nuts or flowers! I was so intrigued by this Tagua nut ring artist who was speaking passionately about his art and pieces – of which are all one of its kind.

Handcrafted Tagua Nut Rings – aren’t they pretty?
Pop Up Stalls Ferry Building
Pop Up Stalls – Selling jewellery, ornaments, photographs, art, apparel
Ferry Building

We adjourned towards the Ferry Building where the food and fresh produce stalls were. It was already so crowded at 10 in the morning.

Farmers' Market Ferry Building
Farmers’ Market Ferry Building
Apricots and Peaches at Farmers’ Market
Organic Vegetables Stall

All that fresh fruits and vegetables – we couldn’t keep our hands off picking up some fresh berries, cherry tomatoes and peaches to indulge in. So juicy and sweet! The smell of fresh flowers lured us to a stall selling fresh lavender and I had to buy some – just smells too amazing and I had to bring a part of this place back to Singapore.

There were also cooked food stalls and coffee stalls – making fresh burgers and brewing aromatic coffee. The air was filled with all sorts of aromas that made us regret having breakfast before we headed over here.

Hog Island Oysters!

My beloved oysters from the famous Hog Island Company! They had all of these variants for taking home at only USD1 each! The ones that they were shucking fresh for eating are the Chelsea gems oysters and Kumamoto oysters for USD$3. How can I resist these after the sad ones I had at Fisherman’s Wharf?

Left: Kumamoto Oysters Right: Chelsea Gem

I preferred the Chelsea gem oyster for its creaminess and brininess; the Kumamoto was refreshing with a little fruity finish but its taste was slightly milder. I wasn’t greedy so I just started with one of each. But I did come back for three more of those Chelsea gems later on 😀

Inside the Ferry Building

Inside the Ferry Building there were cafes, restaurants, meat shops and more fresh produce shops.

Fresh Porcini
Fiddlehead Ferns
Fiddlehead Ferns

One of my favourite mushrooms to cook with is Porcini – it just goes great with pasta, fish, meat and absolutely anything! I have not had Fiddlehead ferns in Singapore but when I had it at Harvest Inn, I really liked the crunch and it tasted like curled up asparagus. Both are pretty pricey but taste so good!

Zeppole - Italian Donuts
Zeppole – Italian Donuts

These Zeppoles looked too delicious to pass so we got a custard flavoured one to try. The pastry was fluffy but a tad cold with a miserably tiny amount of filling. It looked better than it tasted.

We did managed to cover the entire farmers’ market in the 4 hours there. Both of us feeling the urge to cook with all the fresh ingredients we were seeing but we were resisting the temptation to buy them as the food would probably go bad with the 22 hours flight home.

Oakland Bay Bridge

We settled with the memory of having fresh fruits and sat on the benches with the view of the Oakland Bay Bridge. This experience will stay with us for a long time to come.


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