Sear's Fine Foods Breakfast Platter

Union Square – San Francisco

The heart of shopping, restaurants and our hotel – Union Square. Busy streets with unforgiving inclines, gorgeous looking people around corners and beckoning boutiques having sales – we spend most of our mornings & evenings in this area having meals and shopping.

Union Square – Daytime

We stayed at Cartwright Hotel along Sutter Street. The location was excellent as it was close to the metro station and cable car stations, with many restaurants and amenities nearby. The rooms however were much smaller than in pictures so we were kinda disappointed with that. The consolation was that the rooms were extremely clean.

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The first evening back at Union Square after spending a day at Fisherman’s Wharf, we were craving for something warm and Asian. We stepped into Sakana along Post Street after we realised that Ryoko was packed and had a long queue.

Sakana Sushi & Grill

I went with a Chirashi don and my co-traveller went with a Tempura Udon.

Chirashi Don US$16

I am not a fan of Maguro (Tuna) but this tuna was unlike the Maguro in Singapore, the texture was more held-together and I really liked the subtle creaminess of it. The other sashimi slices in the donburi were equally fresh and delicious. Value-for-money definitely as it came with a miso soup as well.


The tempura udon set was US$12 and the portion was generous. I always like my food served warm and this was delightfully freshly fried in a light tempura batter. The prawns and vegetables were of decent quality for the price as well. Overall, we were satisfied with not waiting and having our food served quickly. Though the service was a turn-off as the staff were giving us attitude and urging for us to leave as soon as we finished (there was a queue by the time we started eating).

We walked around Union Square for some shopping, enjoying the weather as we strolled along. The shops were mostly closed by 9 pm so we retired for the night pretty early.

Union Square - Night Time
Union Square – Night Time

At the Cartwright Hotel, they do not serve breakfast, only hot beverages were provided complimentary. We had breakfast at Sear’s Fine Foods recommended by two kind ladies that I met in the lift. The restaurant was packed at 8am Saturday morning and we had to wait a while to be seated.

Sear’s Fine Food Breakfast

We got the farm fresh eggs platters and I added ham for mine. I regretted adding on the ham, as it was way too salty! I had to have the toast with it. The hash browns were good though, even for a non-potato lover like me. Eggs, hard to go wrong with sunny side up. A hearty breakfast goes a long way.

Cable Car Ride from Ferry Building

After walking a whole lot around Ferry Building at the Farmer’s Market, we took the cable car ride back to Union Square just to see the other side that we have yet to explore.

Chinatown in San Francisco
Huntington Park
Huntington Park
Grace Cathedral
Random House along Sutter Street
Random House along Sutter Street

For our dinner (last night in San Francisco), we wanted something authentic American. We planned to dine at John’s Grill but alas it was full house. We then noticed a Jazz Bistro right across the street.

Jazz Bistro

We were drawn by the live jazz band playing so we just decided to have our dinner there.

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The food was honestly disappointing, hence I am not going to elaborate much on it. The band was definitely the highlight of the dinner – while we are sipping our beautiful Pinot Noir, we were indulging in the ambience and music.

Roxanne Cafe

For our last meal in San Francisco, the hotel staff recommended this cafe for us have our breakfast at. It was within walking distance from the Cartwright Hotel.

Breakfast at Roxanne Cafe
Breakfast Basic USD$9

The bagel was soft and fluffy, lovely as it was still warm and so delicious with the blueberry jam and butter. The cafe was packed with mostly locals having their breakfast and I am not surprised as the pricing was reasonable. Service was prompt and friendly as well.

This is the final post for my trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley. I must admit that I surprised myself as I thought I would be having bad jet lag and a tough time with the cold weather. I wished I had more days to explore more of San Francisco but I would probably spend more than I did! I would definitely want to revisit again for leisure alone. Hope you have enjoyed reading the posts on my trip.


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    1. I miss it too! Feel so sad that I am back in Singapore right now with the humid warm weather with sudden thunderstorms 😦 sick from the erratic weather here.


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