Shabu Sai – City Hall / Orchard

Judging from their Facebook page, I am not alone in feeling bumped that The Central outlet has ceased operations. That’s the one I usually frequent with my other half and friends. The Orchard Central and Suntec City outlets are alright (haven’t been to the non-city outlets), just that they are smaller outlets hence sometimes (especially peak meal hours) the staff may come over to inform that your 90 minutes of buffet time is up. That’s quite a turn off if you are enjoying your Shabu-Shabu.

So the reasons why I would still revisit Shabu Sai despite the above.
1) For the variety of food
2) For the quality of food
3) For their Sukiyaki broth (Tonkotsu & Yuzu Collagen are not bad too)
4) Doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket

Shabu Sai Spread
Mushrooms, Vegetables, Radish, Beancurd, Seaweed Etc

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I love mushrooms, almost all types, especially in Shabu-Shabu. It just soaks up the broth when cooked. Dip it in that beaten up egg and some sauce and it’s just delicious for me.

And yes speaking of sauce – it helps that Shabu Sai provides for its customers a great variety of choices so you can make a sauce you prefer.

Shabu Sai Sauce Condiments

There’s also Ponzu sauce on the other end. I love making different permutations of sauces from non-spicy to spicy sauces.

Udon & Ramen

I am more of a Udon fan than Ramen. And how good is Udon in Sukiyaki? Absolutely delicious! I do try not to take too much carbohydrates though as I rather fill my stomach with their selection of meats!

Shabu Sai’s Beef

You can ask the service staff to get you the fattier ones unless you have health concerns. Just gorgeous thin slices of beef that you can lightly cook it in the Sukiyaki broth and dip in your preferred sauce to savour it.

Shabu Sai’s Pork

It’s not pork belly but there’s a good balance of fats with meat in their pork slices. This is good in their Tonkotsu broth with some of the Ramen.

Shabu Sai’s Chicken

Most would not fancy chicken for Shabu-Shabu – but these thin slices of tender chicken from Shabu Sai are actually pretty tasty when cooked in Sukiyaki broth. I am not a fan but my other half convinced me to try and I do like it.

Cooking with Joy
Shabu Shabu Happily

Yes overloaded with mushrooms and meat 😀 We do have some vegetables in that if you can find them.

Never get sick of Shabu Shabu
Complimentary Fruits
Complimentary Fruits

They are generous with their buffet offerings as fruits are included. If you have a sweeter tooth or need a coffee after a meal, just top up another $1.99 for free flow drinks and frozen yoghurt.

$1.99 for free flow drinks and frozen yoghurt.
$1.99 for free flow drinks and frozen yoghurt

The last time I visited was just in April at The Central outlet (they closed it on 30 April) and the lunch promotion is super worth it. If you aren’t a buffet person, you can go for their $9.99 set lunch which comes with two trays of your choices of meat and you can binge out at the vegetables corner. The lunch buffet is only at $12.99 for unlimited trays of meat – which is of course what I usually go for 😀 Dinner is a little more between the range of $24.99 to $26.99. (Please check their Facebook page for more up to date pricing)

If you have a craving on a budget and expect decent quality of food, I would most definitely recommend Shabu Sai.

Shabu Sai Singapore
Causeway Point Branch: Woodlands MRT
Orchard Central Branch: Somerset MRT
Changi City Point Branch: Expo MRT
Suntec City Mall Branch: Esplanade/Promenade MRT
Eastpoint Mall Branch:Simei MRT


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