Rack of Lamb

Wharf Oyster Bar & Grill – Robertson Quay / Clarke Quay

One would be really spoilt for choice to have a meal at Robertson’s Quay with French, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese and many cuisines to choose from. But what can be better than my favourite Japanese food? Fusion Japanese Western cuisine!

Wharf Oyster Bar & Grill serves up fresh seafood and grilled items together with an extensive list of wines and cocktails. And I was glad we ended up here for dinner.

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They have a variety of fresh oysters from all over the world that you can choose how to have them cooked – baked, grilled, steamed or just all natural raw.

Oysters kept fresh with nano bubbles in the tank

Wasting no time, we ordered a half platter of Premium oysters which were 3 each of the Fine de Claires from France and Irish Oysters from Ireland.

Premium Half Platter SGD45
Premium Half Platter SGD45

The presentation was dramatic with the cup of dry ice in the centre, misting up our entire table. In fact I had to wait a while to get a picture of the oysters due to that grand entrance. The oysters were served with three choices of sauces – truffle oil, shallot sauce and whisky.

Fine De Claire oysters are one of favourite variety of oysters (mainly because of Tanuki Raw’s happy hour promotion) as they have this light natural fruitiness to balance the salinity. I never had truffle oil with oysters and upon trying, I almost immediately regretted it – I couldn’t taste the flavours of the oyster itself with the strong aromas. The Irish oysters are a lot more salty compared to the Fine De Claire with a light sweetness, good with just a touch of lemon.

On the recommendation of the staff, we also ordered a steamed portion of Canadian Fanny Bay oysters cooked in sake.

Steamed Oysters In Sake (I don’t remember the price but it should be between SGD45-50)

The steamed oysters were better than the raw in my opinion. Probably because the oysters are fleshier and the saltiness of the oysters worked really well with the sake. We were reluctant to move on from the oysters feast we were having but the rest of the appetisers came shortly.

Spicy Tuna Tartare
Spicy Tuna Tartare SGD15

This version of Tuna Tartare was very memorable. The charred Mexican salsa and Korean seaweed together with fresh cubes of Tuna and avocado, and finally topped with Japanese cucumber and Ikura – bursts of the flavours and textures on the palate with each spoonful. Even for a non-Tuna lover like me I was enticed by this dish.

Wagyu Beef Carpaccio SGD15

The Carpaccio had a strong Japanese influence with garlic soy infusion on the beef and topped with Japanese sesame dressing. It was a little heavy handed on the seasoning and flavours in my opinion though I really loved those juicy slices of Wagyu beef.

Pan Seared Sea Bream with Pesto SGD22

We didn’t see this item on the menu but it came highly recommended by the staff. The sea bream was cooked beautifully with flakes of its flesh falling as we picked it up with the pesto under. Pesto is generally a blend of pine nuts, garlic, basil, cheese with olive oil. The light, herbaceous sauce complemented the lightly salted sea bream to bring out the sweetness of the sea bream.

Rack of Lamb SGD28

Given a choice between a prime cut of beef or a rack of lamb, which do you prefer? (I did ask this when I posted a picture of this dish on Instagram and the responses were pretty surprising for me.)

That slight pink in the meat with the charred bits on the rack of lamb melting in your mouth as you bite into it – just absolutely delicious. With a little dash of curry powder, this rack of lamb which was grilled with rosemary, cumin salt and lemon trumps all other dishes we have had so far.

Wagyu Cheese Burger SGD23

For all the burger lovers out there, this is definitely a must-have for you. The generous cut of Wagyu beef fillet cooked medium with lavish amounts of cheese was insanely juicy. The burger also came with fries on the side and interesting sauces to dip them in. Special mention to their in-house truffle mayo which we had to request two more servings of as it was so good! Rich truffle flavours in Japanese mayonnaise just went so well with the fries. (And I am not even a fries lover yet I had a lot of the fries just to taste the truffle mayo).

There were so many other dishes that we would have liked to try, like their fresh sashimi and grilled oysters. However, we were already so full from the above that we even skipped desserts. We just drank more Prosecco (Italian wine) and chat the night away. Definitely going back on a Tuesday for $2 oysters! Do check out their Facebook for other promotions as well.

Wharf Oyster Bar and Grill
60 Robertson Quay
#01-01 The Quayside
Singapore 238252
(65) 6235 2466


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