Le Foie Gras de Canard

Fleur De Sel – Tanjong Pagar

Fleur De Sel is located along Tras Street in Tanjong Pagar area, where the skyscrapers and quaint short shop houses are right along the same stretch. The simple exterior of the restaurant doesn’t catch one’s eyes though the elegant interior with the open concept kitchen is definitely welcoming.

Open Concept Kitchen where you can see Chef Alexandre doing his magic

The service crew were professional and prompt, making recommendations for our lunch with suitable wine pairings. All four of us at the table went for the Fleur De Sel Set at $48++.

Set Lunch Menu
Clam Chowder in a cup

A surprise little cup of clam chowder were served to us before our appetisers came. It was absolutely delicious and full of clam flavours in that foamy broth. Fans of clam chowder would probably want a big bowl of this – but sometimes lesser is better, makes you yearn for it.

Le Foie Gras de Canard

The generous cut of seared Foie Gras was dressed with duck jus vinaigrette, complemented by an apple tatin on the side. The balance of flavours in this dish was just exceptional with that richness of Foie Gras together with the sweetness of apples, accentuated with the slightly sour yet savoury duck jus dressing – appetising and satisfying at the same time.

Le Homard

The plate was served with a small blob of lobster tartare, sour cream and croutons. The warm broth was then slowly poured in and I just couldn’t wait to savour it. Rich and creamy with bits of that lobster and croutons in each spoonful – one of the best lobster bisque I ever had.

Le Boeuf

A perfect cook on that beef tenderloin, dressed with mustard sauce, with a striking pink in the centre and seared on the sides. Taking a bite into that beef together with the sauteed mushrooms and mashed potatoes – once again that symphony of flavours impressed upon the palate. Just the right amount of seasoning, spice and umami-ness tantalising the tastebuds.

Le Cabillaud

All the greens that I love – green peas puree with French beans and Fava Beans with my favourite Cod fish. And that lovely Vierge sauce made from olive oil, lemon juice, chopped tomato and chopped basil just allows the natural sweetness of the Atlantic cod to shine.

Le Chocolat

It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate, pralines and ice-cream especially when topped with their Signature Fleur De Sel’s caramel and chocolate sauce. It’s true love found for those with a sweet tooth, not so much for myself as there’s too much sweetness and chocolate for my liking.

Le Baba

The Grand Marnier liquor Le Baba was definitely more suited to my preference, served with a vanilla bean whipped cream and chocolate sauce. The liquor was oozing out from the Le Baba and paired with the sweetness from the whipped cream and chocolate sauce – simply an indulgence served on a plate.

Chef Alexandre’s culinary style allows the fresh ingredients to be the hero of his dishes. A modern and unpretentious presentation of French classics really won our hearts. Other than coming here for a intimate date night, one can also reserve their private room in advance and customise a menu for your gathering. Keeping it simple and genuine is the the draw of Fleur De Sel and I would most definitely revisit to try their degustation menu.

Fleur De Sel
64 Tras Street #01-01
Singapore 079003
(65) 6222 6861


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