Wok Fried Wanton Noodles with Lobster in Superior Stock 龙虾上汤焖生面

Wan Hao 萬豪軒 – Orchard

In the heart of Orchard is Singapore Marriott Hotel where Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is located. The restaurant has served award-winning dishes for the past 21 years and is renowned for its authentic Cantonese cuisine. Executive Chef Brian Wong with his team of chefs curated an exciting menu for this season (started 9 May 2016) – Tantalising New Delights and we were honoured to be invited for a tasting of their creations.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant 萬豪軒

One of my besties, Cheryl, is a big fan of Wan Hao. She had dined at the restaurant before and was more than excited to join me on this tasting. She is an avid photographer as well so some of the pictures in this post are from her enthusiastic snapping. (Thank you dear! <3)

Tantalising New Delights Menu (It has my blog name on it!)

Before the start of the meal, Chef Brian Wong came to greet us with a charming smile on his shy and humble face. The young chef has 15 years of culinary experience in the kitchen, with a passion to invent dishes that are focused on the natural flavours of his ingredients with minimal seasoning and elevating nutrional value in his cooking. After meeting the Chef and much raving about Wan Hao from Cheryl, I couldn’t wait to start our meal!

Deep Fried Prawn Mango Roll 香芒虾筒 Steamed Crystal Skin Vegetarian Dumpling 翡翠蔬饺 Baked Crispy Honey-Glazed Pork Puff with Black Pepper Sauce 蜜汁黑椒叉烧酥
(From Left to Right) Deep Fried Prawn Mango Roll 香芒虾筒 (SGD$5 for two) Steamed Crystal Skin Vegetarian Dumpling 翡翠蔬饺 ($4 for two) Baked Crispy Honey-Glazed Pork Puff with Black Pepper Sauce 蜜汁黑椒叉烧酥 (SGD$5 for two)

The combination of mango with seafood was just heavenly, with the sweet-sour flavours of the mango and the succulent prawn inside that light and crispy batter, dipped in just a bit of that mayonnaise – every bite excited the palate for more.

The chives and meat inside that vegetarian dumpling was lovely, fragrant and well-seasoned though the skin was a little too thick for my liking.

The baked crispy pork puff was the surprise for me out of the three. With the addition of black pepper in the filling, the pork was sweet with a slight kick of pepper as you take a bite of that buttery and flaky puff pastry of perfect thickness. The pastry literally melts in the mouth together with that delicious pork.

Baked Crispy Honey-Glazed Pork Puff with Black Pepper Sauce 蜜汁黑椒叉烧酥
Bird’s Nest Dumpling in Superior Sauce 红烧燕窝灌汤饺 SGD$28

Bird’s nest which is a prized ingredient in Chinese cuisine is usually served sweet as a dessert but for this dish, it was served in a savoury sauce (boiled for 4 hours) which is definitely unique. The huge dumpling was oozing with all sorts of umami-ness with generous portions of scallops, prawns, mushroom and conpoy in it. Definitely worth the $28 price tag for a rich bowl of healthy goodness!

Filling of the Dumpling in Superior Sauce 灌汤饺
Deep Fried Prawns with Pumpkin Butter Sauce 金瓜奶黄虾
Deep Fried Prawns with Pumpkin Butter Sauce 金瓜奶黄虾 SGD$35

Chef Brian used the combination of Malaysian pumpkin and butter to create that amazing sauce that went so well with the juicy fried prawns. He mentioned that he chose Malaysian pumpkin as it’s not as sweet as Japanese variants and with the addition of curry leaves, it has the flavours of salted egg without the weight and cholestrol.

Pumpkin Butter Sauce 金瓜奶黄

Fans of salted egg would adore this dish as you can still savour the flavours without feeling guilty to have more 🙂

Wok-fried Beef Fillet with Angelica and Chinese Yam 当归淮山炒肥牛SGD$32

Angelica is known to be good for the heart and Chinese Yam for lowering blood sugar and regulating sleep. These two ingredients are often used in Chinese medicine and cooking for their nutritional properties. This beef fillet was wok-fried in Hua Diao Wine (花雕酒) which was pre-soaked with angelica sinesis for two weeks, together with mushrooms, wolfberries and chinese yam – aromas of the herbs and wine perfumed the nose as you take a bite of that tender and juicy beef. Not to worry for those who aren’t keen on chinese medicine, the herbal taste wasn’t significant on the palate.

Beef Fillet 肥牛
Wok-Fried Wanton Noodles with Lobster in Superior Stock 龙虾上汤焖生面
Wok-Fried Wanton Noodles with Lobster in Superior Stock 龙虾上汤焖生面 SGD$38

That succulent lobster with superior stock and springy wanton noodles was our final savoury dish for the night. The wanton noodles were doused in the rich flavours of that superior stock and even though we were all so full by now, we couldn’t help taking one more mouthful of the noodles. The juicy lobster was definitely the highlight for me – cooked to perfection and dribbling with oceanic flavours.

Chilled Double-boiled Peach Resin with Red Dates 红莲桃脂 SGD$16

This is a creative dessert from Chef Brian, using peach resin which is known for stress relieving and blood circulation. Peach resin is derived from dehydrating peach tree sap hence it is is rich with plant collagen as well. The resin was boiled in rock sugar together with lotus seeds and red dates for the dessert’s sweet and refreshing taste.

A spoonful of plant collagen!

Without compromising to impress in the taste department, Chef Brian’s dishes had a good balance of nutrition and creativity. The menu definitely reflects his distinctive personality and left a lasting impression. If you are looking for a business lunch location or a private room for family gatherings, do head down to Wan Hao for a nutrient-rich and unforgettable meal. I know I will return for more 🙂

Thank you Karen & Joan for the kind invite and great hospitality.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant 萬豪軒

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant 
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
320 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238865
(65) 6831 4605


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