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Buffet Town – City Hall

My other half was craving for chicken rice and I wanted to have seafood. We walked around Raffles City and were having a difficult time deciding where to have lunch when I recalled that I wanted to try out Buffet Town for a while so we headed there to take a look at the pricing and spread.

Buffet Town at Raffles City Basement 1

Their weekday lunch is at $26.80++ for adults (full pricing at their Facebook page) and it has a range of local delights including chicken rice in their spread.

Hainanese Chicken Rice & Laksa
Pork and Beef Satay

The local delights were of decent standards given that this was an international buffet. Hainanese chicken chilli sauce was really spicy and flavoursome and we really liked the satay sauce as well.

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The spread of fresh chilled seafood was calling out to me – crustaceans and shellfish with different sauces to go with. I was going back for seconds while my other half was having the happiest time in the Italian corner.

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The pasta was too dry and stringy but the pizza was definitely worth some space in the stomach. The white wine mussels and some of the saucier items failed to impress.

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Special mention to their sashimi – the salmon was buttery and octopus was chewy and both so fresh! We probably took like three rounds of sashimi 🙂 The sushi however wasn’t that freshly made, probably left out there for a while hence we didn’t really like them. Appetisers and soba were decent but I rather have more of that sashimi!

They also had some tempura items, unfortunately the batter were all soft and the ingredients all mushy – better to skip these in my opinion.

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There were a lot of love for the grilled salmon head – there were people waiting to grab them as soon as they are hot out from the grill. Some tables I could only see piles of salmon head bones on them and nothing else. My other half and I are not big on fishhead but they did really smell great as I waited to grab a picture of this popular item. There were a selection of other grilled items that we weren’t keen to try either but if you love BBQ food, this is one corner you wouldn’t want to miss.

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There was also a Teppanyaki section where you pick your ingredients for the Chef to cook them for you. He added oyster sauce and garlic to my small plate of ingredients – good to have some fibre with the amount of protein and carbohydrates we were gobbling down.

And if you are one who needs more vegetables in your meal, they do have a salad bar too! With a wide selection of greens and sauces, it won’t be boring to have a balanced buffet meal here.

Salad Bar

The one section that I was particularly impressed with was the Chinese corner – with choices of signature dishes like braised pork belly and curry chicken to staples like lotus leaf rice and horfan (河粉 – a stir fried rice noodles dish). If your parents are like mine, picky about Western and Japanese food, they will definitely have something they like from this Asian corner. They also have Teochew Porridge to go with the dishes.

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Are you overwhelmed with the spread yet? I most definitely was, and I haven’t even touched on the desserts or drinks section!

There were local desserts like Chendol and banana fritters (Goreng Pisang), waffles and crepes together with some ice creams, chocolate fondue, cakes, puddings and crackers for the little kids (and overgrown adults like us) too!

With all these sweetness, you need a cup of coffee and tea to go along and Buffet Town provides localised coffee as well as a variety of drinks on the side.

Pin Le Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea
Drinks Corner

Other than an impressive 500 seating capacity, Buffet Town also segregated a corner in their restaurant for the children. Equipped with TV, toys and furniture for kids, parents can be assured that you can bring the elderly and the young to enjoy a good meal together.

The charm of Buffet Town was in their well-thought out menu with interesting seasonal items (currently they are having seafood in a bag for dinner timing – limited period only). Though dinner is slightly more expensive, you do get the more premium items like oysters and crabs free flow for the evening patrons. Looking forward to bringing the whole family there to have a good meal together!

Buffet Town Singapore
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road #B1-44E
Singapore 179103
(65) 6837 3793


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