World Oyster Festival 2016

Greenwood World Oyster Festival 2016 – Sentosa / Botanic Gardens

The World Oyster Festival is an annual event (fourth year running) organised by Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro offering international varieties of oysters from 1st till 31st July 2016. I have patronised their main restaurant at Greenwood Avenue a few times and loved their seafood, always fresh and well-prepared. Last Saturday, my hubby signed us up for a wine tasting event at the Quayside Isle outlet and I was looking forward to an afternoon of wine and oysters!

Greenwood Fish Market – Quayside Isle
World Oyster Festival 2016 Menu
World Oyster Festival 2016 Menu

The menu boasts 22 types of oysters however only 9 were available that day at the Sentosa outlet. And they didn’t have Kumamotos which were the ones I had in San Francisco! I was looking forward to relishing in its flavours again 😦

It took almost 15 minutes for the service staff to take our orders (and the restaurant wasn’t full) – I went for their promotional platter of 2 oysters per varietal at SGD$99++ and my hubby who doesn’t eat raw oysters went for their pulled pork sandwich.

Oyster Bar

Unlike at Wharf Oyster Bar and Grill where the oysters are stored in a nano bubble tank to maintain freshness, the ones here at Greenwood Fish Market were merely placed in a tray with water half filled in the chiller. I felt a tiny pang of regret ordering so many of them.

Oyster Platter of 18

My overwhelming plate of oysters finally came – perfect with that Australian Sauvignon Blanc I was having from the wine tasting event 🙂

Spéciales Utah Beach

Utah Beach is in the region of Normandy, northwestern part of France. Spéciales is a size indicator for slightly larger and fleshier oysters, compared to the fines. The tasting notes indicated a certain crunchiness – hardly crunchy though they did carry a nutty aftertaste.

Fine De Claire No.3
Fine De Claire No.3

Fines de Claires refers to oysters that are finished for months in the Marennes-Oléron basin which consists of shallow clay ponds. By filtering the waters in this basin, the oysters become more balanced. This oyster is one of my favourites on the platter with its intricate salinity though I can’t taste any hazelnut notes.

Brittany Specials

Another oyster from France, these flat shelled oysters are from the Brittany’s coast with an acquired metallic flavour on the palate. Not for the oyster beginner for sure.

Chef Creek

Chef Creek oysters are Pacific oysters from Baynes Sound, Vancouver Island British Columbia. An elegant looking oyster with a firm and creamy texture – a hearty mouthful for a small oyster.

Golden Mantle

These oysters, from the British Columbia oyster appellations by Vancouver Island, are considered to be Pacific oysters. The flesh was full and sweet with notes of melons on the finish.

Mary Points

Mary Points are usually Greenwood’s house oysters (served on their usual Tuesday oysters nights) – from Canada. It had a generous amount of flesh with a slightly complex profile, a tint of sweetness and saltiness with an earthy tone.

Ostra Regal

Ostra Regal is one of the famous varietal from Bannow Bay, south-west coast of Ireland. Its unique seaweed notes with distinct minerality went well with the Pinot Grigio I was having.

Coffin Bays

From South Australia, we have these Coffin Bay oysters! Though these were really petite, its refreshing flavours with a strong brininess was memorable.

New Zealand Pacific Rock
New Zealand Pacific Rock

One of my picks is the New Zealand Pacific Rock oyster with a moderate creaminess to it and a crisp profile. Sadly, one of the oysters wasn’t fresh and I secretly wished I went to the Greenwood outlet instead as I never had issues with quality there.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pulled Pork Sandwich SGD$19.99

My hubby’s pulled pork sandwich didn’t disappoint him, with hot crispy fries on the side. And we ordered fish and chips to take away as it was a tradition for me to pack their fish and chips (SGD$11 for takeaway and SGD$19 for dine-in) every time I dine at their Greenwood outlet with my besties.

Overall, I think the platter was value for money but there is room for improvements on the freshness of the oysters. I would recommend the Greenwood outlet for a better dining experience (definitely more varieties available as well) though the reservation list might be long for this month. Do try contacting them through their Facebook if you can’t seem to get through their phone. Have fun oystergasming in July!

Greenwood Fish Market (Quayside Isle Outlet)

31 Ocean Way #01-04/05

Singapore 098375
(65) 6262 0450

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro
No. 34 Greenwood Avenue
Singapore 289236
(65) 6467 4950


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