W Hotel

W Hotel – Sentosa

A staycation at W Hotel had been on my to-do list for a while. I was surprised with a “secret staycation” planned by my besties and hubby earlier this month so here’s sharing about our memorable night away from the bustling city.

W Hotel Lobby

We did an early check-in at about 12 noon, served promptly by the front desk staff who explained the facilities & activities around the hotel. We were also given a $50 dollars spa voucher with complimentary cocktails at Woo Bar. We were excited to learn that the “Fit”(gym) and “Wet”(pool) facilities are available 24 hours!

Fabulous Room

The Fabulous Room is spacious with beautiful hues of gold and purple furnishings and upholstery. The floral wall motifs have different lighting tones of purple and warm white that romanticised the room, day and night.

The room comes with a 40″LED TV and Bose sound system which is awesome for watching movies and we were lucky to catch the movie Interstellar (one of our favourite movies of all time) on the TV later on with the surround speakers.

There is also a very handy charging station with cables for all the different smart phones model but unfortunately, the cable for juicing our androids were a little loose – lucky hubby packed our charger along though I am sure we could have gotten a replacement if we wanted.

Fabulous Room W Hotel
View of the pool from our fabulous room
Beautiful Purple Vanity
Beautiful Purple Vanity

The bathroom has both rain shower as well as a bath tub with sliding glass panels so you can soak in the bathtub and watch TV at the same time!

A hand from the wall

This hand sculpture scared the both of us when we first entered the room as it was a little queer. We reckoned it was for aesthetic purposes or maybe to hold flowers? I am curious as to what’s the actual purpose, please do tell if you know 😀

Dreamy light balls behind the door

A pretty and clever idea to have these light balls near the door that casts beautiful shapes onto the walls and carpet – I would love to have these at home!

After exploring the room, we went down to Quayside Isle where all the restaurants are to enjoy a little food and wine at Greenwood Fish Market for a few hours. Other than restaurants, there is also a Jason’s Marketplace nearby where you can get groceries from.

Closer to dinner time, we headed to Woo Bar to redeem our complimentary drinks. However, the bar was closed for a private event so we were directed to Skirt for our drinks. We went for their bubbles cocktail – French 75 (Gin, Lemon Juice, Vanilla Syrup and Champagne) and Illusionist (St Germain, Lemon Juice and Champagne).

Illusionist & French 75

The sun was setting as we were sipping our champagnes and the view of the marina was breathtaking. It felt like we were overseas and not in Singapore, admiring the scenic view of the yachts and imagining we owned one of these.

The skies look like a painting in this photograph

By evening time, Quayside Isle became vibrant with dinner crowds and we decided to have an Italian dinner which was really disappointing at Sole Pomodoro Trattoria & Pizzeria. Feeling super unsatisfied, we decided we would order in-room dining later after our evening swim.

W Hotel Pool

The WET pool is HUGE, with an area of 14k square feet and equipped with underwater speakers with surreal music. We went for the cushy floats immediately and relaxed on them while looking up at the starry night sky. There were also jacuzzi jets with comfortable curved flooring so you can lie down with ease while getting “massaged” by the water pressure.

W Hotel at night
W Hotel at night

After spending sometime in the pool, we headed up to our room to order some food! We indulged in a rib-eye steak and mud pie!

Rib Eye Steak with mashed potato and greens – SGD$72
Mud Pie SGD$18

This meal was way better than our Italian frozen food earlier. 300 grams of juicy medium-rare steak with a creamy mashed potato on the side refreshed our palates with its deliciousness. The rich chocolatey mud pie with vanilla ice cream on the top was divine as well with a good balance of the sweetness and bitterness. After a satisfying “supper”, we spent the rest of the night drinking the champagne we brought from home and watching movies.

W Hotel’s signature W Bed with 350-thread count linen was beyond comfort (there’s also a pillow menu where you can request for your preferred pillow type). We didn’t want to get out of the bed in the morning so we ordered in-room dining again and yes, we are a lazy couple 😛

Dim Sum Platter SGD$20
Nutella Toast SGD$18
Mee Goreng $24

My favourite was the Mee Goreng which was super spicy and stir-fried with loads of seafood like prawns, fish and squid. Nutella toast came in second with the rich nutty chocolatey spread in between the crispy bread. Dim sum were decent but not memorable for me.

It’s a love-hate relationship with the W Bed as it tempted us to stay in bed till it was check out time. We didn’t even have time to explore the spa and gym. We were given a small box of chocolates from the front desk as we checked out which made my hubby very happy 🙂 Till the next time we are back, hopefully in a suite the next round with our families 😀

W Singapore – Sentosa Cove
21 Ocean Way
Singapore 098374
Tel: 1800-3252525


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