Paradise Inn Teochew Cold Crabs

Paradise Teochew 潮樂轩 – Orchard

My Dad, the restaurant promotion hunter in the family as mentioned in my Qian Xi post, saw the opening promotion for cold crabs at Paradise Teochew 潮樂轩 Scotts Square in the papers. We love our Teochew food hence we made reservations to grab the SGD$12 crabs before 3 July 2016. We revisited again very soon after for the second promotion which featured their braised platter (small) at SGD$8 ending 17 July 2016. Sorry that I am so late in posting a review and their promotions are so short-lived!

Nonetheless, we did enjoy our dinners so here’s sharing on the hits and misses.

Paradise Teochew Scotts Square

Their menu features not only classic Teochew delicacies like pork belly jelly and oyster omelette, there were also unique dishes that we never had at other restaurants.

Gongfu Tea – Glutinous rice tea (Complimentary)

It’s standard to start with Gongfu Tea before a Teochew meal and no surprise that Paradise Inn practises this. Only difference was instead of the usual Oolong or Pu-Er tea, light and fragrant glutinous rice tea with a mild sweetness were served in these small cups. Definitely more palatable for the non-bitter tea drinker.

Pork Trotter Jelly 猪脚冻 SGD$10

All Teochew restaurants serves this dish. The trotter meat together with skin is braised with spices for hours, allowing the fats (collagen) to dissolve and then gelatin is added to make the jelly set. It’s a long cook and not always done well even by top Teochew restaurants. This pork trotter jelly from Paradise Inn had the right proportion of well-seasoned meat to jelly and was held together (unlike the one from Chui Huay Lin). I would say it’s not the best I have had but decent for sure. We did re-order on our second visit.

Cold Crabs $8/9 per 100grams

We pre-ordered three of the cold crabs during the promotional period which came really small (300g +/-) though packed with loads of milt! These crabs usually go with a light vinegar sauce but I prefer it on its own. It was value for money for the promotion but it’s a little on the pricey side for $8/$9 per 100grams.

Crab Milt
Look at the crab milt 蟹膏 *drools
Platter of Rolls
Platter of Rolls – (Top clockwise) Hongkong style Prawn Rolls, Pork Rolls, Crabmeat Roll SGD$9.80 per pax (4 pax order in pic)

These were different versions of the classic Teochew prawn rolls 虾枣 which is usually made with pork, prawns and water chestnut wrapped in bean curd skin and then deep fried. A sweet sauce is usually accompanied for dipping these rolls in.

The Hong Kong style prawn rolls tasted like prawn balls with bits of water chestnut in it. The pork rolls were basically the original version without the prawns. The crab rolls were the most delicious with fresh crab meat wrapped in them. Personally I find these a little pricey, unique and worth a try but probably wouldn’t re-order.

Braised Platter of Sliced Irish Duck, Octopus and Pork Belly SGD$8 (Usual Price SGD$26)

I really enjoyed this platter of juicy and delicious meats with the savoury sauce. With one bite, one could tell the meats were braised for hours especially the duck which was oozing with flavours and fats. I particularly liked the octopus as it was chewy but not too rubbery.

Salted Vegetable Pig's Stomach Soup
Salted Vegetable Pig’s Stomach Pork Ribs Soup SGD$22 (Serves 5-6)

This soup was a big hit for adults and children alike though it’s slightly peppery – I guess the tenacity for spice runs in the family. The addition of salted vegetables to the common pig’s stomach soup added a sweet-saltiness that enhanced the flavours, almost appetising and you just can’t stop once you start.

Claypot Chicken (Whole) with water chestnuts
Claypot Chicken (Whole) with water chestnuts SGD$28

Sorry that I forgot the actual name of this dish but I definitely remember how delicious it was. The sweetness from the water chestnuts in the gravy with that tender chicken was a divine match. On our first visit, we only ordered half a chicken and my Mom got hooked on it so we got a whole chicken on our second visit.

Braised Quadruple Seasonal Vegetables with Ham in Teochew Style 潮州四宝蔬 SGD$18

Teochew cuisine is known to be simple and subtle in flavours (though most of the Teochew food in Singapore had been intensified for the general population’s palate). This Braised Quadruple Seasonal Vegetables with Ham represents these characteristics without losing deliciousness. The vegetables and mushrooms were soft and sweet, coupled with the light soy-based gravy – a delicate dish to relax our taste buds from the stronger food we have on the table.

Pan-fried and Stewed Tofu in Teochew Style 潮式半煎煮豆腐 SGD$16

This dish comprises of bean curd served two ways, pan-fried and stewed, on a bed of vermicelli in a light savoury sauce. If you are a fan of bean curd and vermicelli, you would love this dish like I do – good textural combinations with the bean curd prepared two ways. There was also a generous amount of vermicelli under the bean curd which soaked up the sauce – super tasty!

Steamed Pork Meat Cake 蒸肉饼 SGD$14

The minced pork with bits of fats steamed in soy sauce is a little salty on its own. Perfect to have it with some Teochew Porridge!

Oyster Omelette 潮州蚝煎蛋
Oyster Omelette 潮州蚝煎蛋 SGD$16

I really liked Paradise Inn’s version of the oyster omelette, with crispy egg on the outside and small sweet oysters in between the starchy insides – not overwhelmingly oily as well. Not the typical presentation but definitely cleared all the ticks for a Teochew Oyster Omelette in terms of taste wise. A must-have for me.

Generous amount of oysters inside
Crispy, Sweet and Sour Noodles in Teochew Style 潮式干煎糖醋面SGD$14

You can only find this noodles at Paradise Teochew in Singapore. The noodles are pan-fried to a crisp on the outside and still soft inside, with a little vinegar and sugar, it’s almost like a dessert! It reminded me a little of a Indian breakfast dish – Putu Mayam. A must-try if you do visit 🙂

Yam Paste “Orh Nee” with Gingko Nuts – $4.50 per pax

Of course we had our Orh Nee at the end of our meal and we went for the classic Gingko nuts version instead of the pumpkin one. It was moderately sweet and thick though probably can do with some oil to make the paste smoother and easier to savour.

Overall, we really enjoyed our dining experience at Paradise Teochew Scotts Square. Service staff were attentive even when the restaurant is packed. They were constantly changing our plates and topping our water/tea. Located in Orchard, it won’t be hard to hunt for Teochew Cuisine if you have a sudden craving. And do apply for the Paradise Gourmet Rewards Card for rebates off your next meal and there are special promotions for members too!

Paradise Teochew Restaurant at Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road
#03-04 Scotts Square
Singapore 228209
(65)  6538 0644

Paradise Teochew Restaurant at Chinese Swimming Club
21 Amber Road, Chinese Swimming Club
#03-01 (via Arrival Pavilion)
Singapore 439870
(65) 6348 7298




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