Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ

Ju Shin Jung Korean Restaurant – Guillemard

Ju Shin Jung is one of the first Korean Charcoal BBQ restaurants that opened in Singapore, with their flagship outlet at West Coast. It has been too long since I last had their BBQ and on this particular rainy day, my sister and I both had a craving for some Korean grilled meats so we headed down to the former Badminton Hall along Guillemard to have a feast.

Ju Shin Jung Korean BBQ Restaurant

Ju Shin Jung have 4 outlets on our sunny island – West Coast, East Coast, Guillemard and Robertson Walk. The Guillemard outlet is family friendly with an indoor playroom for the kids to hang out, allowing the adults to indulge in some Soju and eat in peace. There were choices of different set menus as well as ala carte options but we really couldn’t decide what we wanted so we went for the unlimited BBQ instead!

Unlimited Korean BBQ
Unlimited Korean BBQ

Other than ordering the meats and prawns to grill, we were also given a choice of one dish per person (4 adults 1 kid paying). We chose the DaenJang (Soya bean paste stew), Soondubu (Spicy Tofu Stew), Kimchi Pork Stew, Bibimbap and Naegmyun (cold noodles).

Sauces provided
Sauces provided
Vegetables to have with the grilled meat

All the side dishes were delicious (I am bias since I love ban chan) especially the Kimchi and seaweed for the kids! The bottom right side dish is like Korean ikan bilis – little white fish marinated in kimchi sauce, something different but so yummy.


I honestly didn’t expect these dishes to be exceptional, given that it’s a buffet, but we were in for a surprise. The Bibimbap with generous toppings on top of piping hot rice was seasoned well and so tasty. And that Naegmyun, I am a big big fan of this dish. The cold glass noodles in a spicy-sour sauce with notes of sweetness, topped with thin slices of sweet white radish, were just satisfying and appetising at the same time.

The stews however were lacking in terms of flavours. I would rather have many bowls of that cold noodles!

Bulgogi, Daeji, Dak, Saewoo
Bulgogi, Daeji, Dak, Saewoo

We tried all the different meats offered in the buffet – Bulgogi (Seasoned slice beef), Daeji (Marinated Pork), Dak (Marinated Chicken) and Saewoo (Tiger Prawns).

Samgyub, Moksal and Mushrooms

And we had the Samgyub (Pork Belly), Moksal (Pork Collar) and some white mushrooms on the grill already!

Busy grill at work

Our favourites would have to be the marinated pork and beef together with the fresh tiger prawns. Between the kids and 4 adults, we probably ate more than 50 of these fresh prawns, just its natural flavours accentuated with the charcoal grilling.

More Prawns & Marinated Pork
More Prawns & Marinated Pork

We ordered a grape Soju and continued feasting while the kids played in the playroom. Our lunch started at 11:40am and stretched till 2:30pm. We were served apple cider with fruits for desserts which helped in soothing the heavy lunch we just enjoyed. And then we headed over to Bing Go Jung, which is right beside Ju Shin Jung, for Bingsu!

Bing Go Jung Bingsu Promotion!

So since it was a weekday (public holiday though :D) and we had a receipt, we got two bingsu-s at just $8 each!

Oreo and Cheesecake Bingsu

A huge portion for $8 and we had the exact same flavours at NunSongyee at Bugis. In comparison, there were more toppings and sugar in these and the bowls made it easier to dig in the delicate ice shavings.

SGD$32++ for a sumptuous lunch buffet with fulfilling desserts at the end – we can’t wait to return next month to have another feast (Got to ration the calories intake!). With outlets all over the island, you don’t have to travel too far to enjoy a good Korean BBQ. Get your Korean BBQ craving satisfied today!

Ju Shin Jung Guillemard (Click for all outlets details)
102 Guillemard Road #01-01
Singapore 399719
(65) 6440 7707


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