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Plank Sourdough Pizza – Bedok

Google is my best friend when it comes to being in unfamiliar territory and with incessant requests from my nephews to have pizza for dinner. We decided to head to Plank Sourdough Pizza owned by renowned Global Baker Dean Brettschneider who is also the mastermind behind Baker & Cook bakeries all over Singapore.

This quaint pizzeria is located in Opera Estate neighbourhood, an extension from the original Baker & Cook bakery along Swan Lake Avenue, about 15 minutes walk from Bedok MRT. There’s also plenty of street parking if you are driving, we managed to find a lot immediately on a weekend.

Plank Sourdough Pizza
Interior of Plank Sourdough Pizza

The uniqueness of Plank Sourdough Pizza, as one can derive from its name, is the pizza dough used. It’s the same sourdough bread that they make at Baker & Cook, fermented for up to 48 hours using natural wild yeast, after pressing a combination of flours the traditional way.

Plank Sourdough Pizza Menu
Plank Sourdough Pizza Menu

Being first timers to the restaurant, we conveniently missed out asking about the weekly special pizza and went for Pizza No. 6 and 7. We were also distracted by the array of delicious-looking cakes and pastries near our table.

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Pizza No. 6

This tomato based pizza was topped with Parma ham, fresh arugula, mozzarella cheese and extra virgin oil. The salty meatiness of the Parma ham is always a great pairing with arugula for salads, or in this case for this pizza. It was perfectly matched with the acidity from the tomatoes and creamy cheesy base. The sourdough crust didn’t fail to impress, with a great crisp on the outside and yet cushiony soft inside.

Pizza No 7

Portobello mushrooms, oysters mushrooms, sauteed onions with Parmesan cheese and a drizzle of truffle oil over the tomato based sourdough pizza – a unison of umami-ness with tempting aromas of truffle as we take each bite. Pizza No.7 was definitely the more popular one out of the two pizzas we ordered as our adjacent tables also ordered it.

We got down to having our sweets and coffee from Baker & Cook after enjoying our pizzas.

Bombolini Doughnut with Custard Filling
Bombolini Doughnut with Raspberry Filling

Bombolinis are essentially doughnuts with filling on the inside, originating from Italy. The dough was light and flavoursome with appropriate amounts of sugar on the outside. We preferred the custard version as the raspberry filling was a little too sour though the kids did like it.

Mixed Berry Danish Crown

We were fighting over this danish crown pastry! The light and flaky pastry melts in the mouth with the sweet-sour berries curd complementing that buttery danish crown.

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There isn’t one person I know who doesn’t love Eclairs. Even for a non-chocolate fan like me, I couldn’t resist that rich sparkling chocolate glaze calling out to me. The light milk chocolate creme was sparingly sweet inside the puffy yet crunchy choux shell. One wasn’t enough to go around!

The meal cost about $120 for 4 adults and 2 kids which is reasonable for the quality. I fell in love with Baker & Cook pastries and would most definitely visit their centralised locations for more of these sweet temptations. We would remember to ask for their weekly specials pizzas the next time we visit Plank Sourdough Pizza 🙂

Plank Sourdough Pizza
1 Swan Lake Avenue
East Coast
Singapore 455700
(65) 6448 9288

Baker & Cook – Opera Estate (Click for more locations)

1 Swan Lake Avenue
East Coast
Singapore 455700
(65) 6445 2088


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