Kushin Bo

Kushin Bo – City Hall

I am always dragging my partner in food-crime (my foodie hubby) along to satisfy my Japanese food cravings. Kushin Bo brings back fond memories with their catchy jingle ringing in my head – “Dong dong dong, 1 2 3, we are Kushin Bo”. I managed to find a video of their super old TVC for reminiscing.

The Kushin Bo outlet at Suntec was revamped and reopened last year but I haven’t been back to have their buffet in eons. Kushin Bo means “food connoisseur” in Japanese and their varitety of Japanese food for their buffet spread, in my opinion, is second to none.

Kushin Bo Suntec
Kushin Bo Suntec Interior

We reached the restaurant late for weekday lunch and went for their 60 minutes promotion which is only at SGD$23.90++ (Usual price: SGD$36.90++). Kushin Bo is known for their Snow Crab offering which is only available during dinner time and prices starts from $48.90++. For latest pricing and promotions, do visit their website or Facebook.

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The seafood section was right beside our table with fresh prawns, scallops, mussels and clams that quickly made the way to my plate. I didn’t hesitate to grab the fresh cuts of sashimi, Tai Carpaccio, Maguro Tataki and Tako Salad as well. We both agreed that the Tai Carpaccio was the most enjoyable as well as the fresh cuts of sashimi.

My plate of seafood and fish - yummy!
My plate of seafood and fish – yummy!

My hubby ventured all the way to the end where all the fried & grilled Japanese goodies were. I didn’t really enjoy the fried food as much as they were not warm enough.

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He was lurking around the cute kids’ corner as well. It would be fun to bring the whole family along for a food adventure at Kushin Bo.

My hubby’s plate of food

Those were just the first plates we gathered. Making full use of our 1 hour time, we went to get some soupy items as well like Udon, Oden and Kaminabe. There were three choices for the paper steamboat – seafood, beef and vegetables.

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I was impressed with the Oden as the broth was rich with soft and sweet radishes. As for the Udon, it was freshly cooked by the bowl and still springy as I slurped down the noodles.

The beef kaminabe didn’t disappoint either with juicy beef slices in a sweet broth that reminded us a little of Sukiyaki.

Beef Kaminabe

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I was elated to see onsen tamago and cold noodles because I was craving for some eggs and soba. I also had the chawanmushi which was decent for a buffet but can’t be compared to an onsen tamago 😀

Grilled Angus Beef, Grilled Chicken and Grilled Mixed Vegetable Teppanyaki

We ordered the Grilled Angus Beef but didn’t like much as it was too well done and tough.

Grilled Angus Beef – Yummy Pepper Sauce
Sushi Galore
Our pretty little sushi platter

We didn’t expect much for sushi from buffets – surprisingly these were decent and definitely pretty on the plate 🙂

We aren’t done with showing you the selection yet as there are still desserts (with chocolate fondue) and a salad bar!

It was challenging to savour all the food within an hour though we managed to – it will be more satisfying to have the luxury of time to enjoy the spread. I am glad that the standards of food (at least those I like) is still as palatable as I remembered and service was great too. I would bring my family for dinner with the kids to enjoy the snow crabs and listen to the familiar jingle for specials soon!

Our table of food 🙂

Kushin Bo (click for details on Jurong Point outlet)
Suntec Outlet
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City North Wing #03-334
Singapore 038983
(65) 6341 9200


3 thoughts on “Kushin Bo – City Hall

    1. I am fond of buffets when I can’t decide exactly what to have so I can have a bit of everything 😛 but yes the overeating part is really unhealthy though. Can try out Hokkaido Sushi as well the quality is better imo for the items though smaller selection.


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