STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar @ Bay Hotel – Harbourfront

Hawker food is definitely one of Singapore’s unique feature. You can find a great variety of food in different corners of our country at wallet friendly prices. Celebrating our local cuisine in their brand new menu, Chef Kelvin and his culinary team at STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar have rolled out affordable all-time favourites with their special twist. We were thrilled to be invited for a tasting at STREET 50 after seeing tonnes of Instagram pictures featuring their yummilicious looking food.

Salty Calamansi & Iced Basil Seed with Rose Syrup – SGD$6

The vibrant colours and refreshing taste of the cocktails tantalised our taste buds for the feast ahead. I really enjoyed the salty calamansi with sour notes balancing the salt, thirst quenching yet appetising.

Salted Egg Lava Chicken Breast
Salted Egg Lava Chicken Breast – SGD$9.90

Salted egg craze is ongoing in all shapes and sizes in Singapore – there are ice-cream, chips, croissants, tarts and many more salted egg items popping out now and then. There are definitely some hits and misses. The Salted Egg Lava Chicken Breast from STREET 50, inspired by chicken cordon bleu recipe, was definitely a hit for us. The chicken breast encasing salted egg filling, was breaded before deep frying. The molten salted egg lava was flowing out as Chef Kelvin sliced into the tender chicken meat with mouth-watering aromas of that creamy goodness. We got hungry just observing Chef at work. The crispy breaded fried chicken (still juicy inside) together with the creamy salted egg was a delight to savour.

Coffee Wings SGD$7.90

You would often find coffee pork ribs at zi char stalls but Chef Kelvin thought of substituting the pork ribs with the popular chicken wing mid-joint. Coffee lovers would love this dish for the concentrated coffee scent and flavours with a good sweetness balance though it was a little messy to eat this with the sticky sauce.

Cereal Prawns with Wasabi Dressing SGD$9.90

One can never find cereal prawns for just SGD$9.90 anywhere else in Singapore. The smallest standard portion will usually set you back at least $15. This is one of the must-haves for me with the prawns deep fried to perfection in a light batter, topped with generous amounts of sweet cereal bits and the heat from the wasabi dressing to balance the dish.

Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg Dip SGD$7.90

I was excited to try this as I love my soft shell crabs (or any crabs for that matter). The golden fragrant salted egg cream together with crispy salty soft shell crab was a first for me and it was better than I expected. If you are a fan of soft shell crab, this is a must-try.

Shrimp & Eggplant Sambal SGD8.90

I have absolute love for this piquant dish! With the addition of ikan bilis that adds a crunchy texture to this spicy wok-fried combination, I probably can finish the whole bowl by myself. Eggplant fans would love the balance of spice and sweetness.

XO Scallops & Prawns Fried Rice SGD$9.90

STREET 50’s fried rice is not only served with generous amounts of scallops and prawns, it had an egg omelette containing the wok-fried rice that Chef carefully cut opened to reveal the “treasure”. It was definitely visually appealing but a tad lacking in the X.O flavours – not savoury enough for my palate.

Claypot Assam Fish Head SGD$18.90

This Assam Fish Head is not the usual sour-spicy version. It has tomato puree simmered in Assam gravy which gives it sweet notes together with the sour-spicy base.

Claypot Curry Fish Head SGD$18.90

The curry is richer than the Assam with distinct Indian spices and a thick viscosity, great to have plain rice with this. These claypot fish heads cost only $18.90, great value for the dollar.

Oyster Char Kway Teow SGD$12.90

A marriage of oyster omelette and fried kway teow – we get Oyster Char Kway Teow. The flat rice noodles were wok-fried with Chinese Kale, mushroom in oyster sauce and a dash of Chinese wine, then topped with fresh oysters. Unfortunately for me, this was a miss. I very much prefer the version with cockles.

Last but not least we have a Fresh Coconut Malibu for a sweet ending to our feast.

Fresh Coconut Malibu SGD$8.90

Chef told us his painstaking story of sourcing these coconuts as these perfectly cut coconut bowls are not easy to find. There’s only one supplier in Singapore that distributes these and it was like looking for a needle in a haystack when he came up with this idea.

Other than the amazing presentation, the fresh fruits together with coconut ice cream was delectable and comforting. You can scrape off fresh coconut when you are done with the treat and gulp down fresh coconut juice served in a shot glass to cleanse your palate.

Street50 Restaurant & Bar
Good food and great company

The culinary team at STREET 50 Restaurant didn’t fail to impress with their sincerity in inventing this menu, aiming to surprise and impress. Do drop by Bay Hotel, which is situated opposite Vivocity, walkable from Harbourfront MRT station. Dine up to $50 and receive a complimentary Fresh Coconut Malibu! I would definitely bring my family down to enjoy a meal plus it won’t burn a huge hole in my pocket 😀

Thank you Bay Hotel Singapore for the invite and thank you fellow bloggers/influencers for a great night of conversation and laughter 🙂

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar @ Bay Hotel Singapore
50 Telok Blangah Road
Singapore 098828
(65) 6818 6681


4 thoughts on “STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar @ Bay Hotel – Harbourfront

  1. The food looks interesting indeed. Fancy the amount of salted yolk coming out from the chicken breast. Perfect for salted yolk fans !! 🙂

    I want the coconut ice cream. I reckon it would be yummy….


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