Shabu Shabu Tajimaya

Shabu Shabu Tajimaya – Orchard

Bringing the best of Japanese cuisine together in one location, Japan Food Town opened in Wisma Atria on July 16 last month. Drawing crowds from opening day with a choice of 16 dining outlets, I waited for the hype to mellow down before heading over to take a look.

Japan Food Town
Japan Food Town – 4th Floor of Wisma Atria

My hubby and I are ardent fans of Shabu Shabu (as one can tell from my previous entry of Shabu Sai), hence we were instantly drawn to Tajimaya. Tajimaya is known as Gyuta in Japan and they are renowned to offer quality cuts of meat at wallet-friendly prices.

Shabu Shabu Tajimaya

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We ordered one set lunch of Aussie Wagyu (180g) and another set of mixed beef and pork instead of going for the usual buffet. These sets includes the vegetables and ice cream bar free flow for 60 minutes and if you would like beverages, the top up is SGD$5.90++ per pax. The default broth of Hidaka Kelp Dashi comes with a choice of 1 of the 5 optional dashi – Yuzu Salt Dashi, Suki Dashi, Creamy Salted Rice Malt Dashi, Savoury & Spicy and their seasonal Dashi.

Hidaka Kelp Dashi & Suki Dashi
Sauces on the table
vegetable buffet
Vegetable Bar
Aussie Wagyu Beef & Pork
Aussie Wagyu Beef & Pork
Marbling on Aussie Wagyu Beef
Look at the marbling *drools*

Salivating from the look of these meats, we tucked into them as soon as the broth started to boil.

Aussie Wagyu Beef
The sinful but oh so yummy fats!

We initially chose to have the mix set to try out both types of meat but while we were smitten with the beef cuts, the pork were too tough for our liking. I like to have my meats dipped in raw egg for the extra silkiness – that is an extra SGD$0.50 for each egg.

Shabu Shabu
Udon, Enoki and Radish in the Suki Dashi

60 minutes was ample time for us to have three rounds of vegetables and Udon with the meats plus the restaurant wasn’t really strict on the timing either. Service staff were attentive to top up soup and adjust temperature on the stove for us.

Ice cream!

The favourite part of the meal for my hubs definitely had to be the black sesame ice cream. He fell in love with it when I first introduced it to him. The freezer was a tad too cold and it was tough trying to get servings of these ice cream. You can ask the staff to give you a hand in getting out the rock-hard ice cream as one of them was kind of permanently standing by to help patrons with it.

For just SGD$25.90 each, the amount of meat was just right with the fresh vegetables to go along. We would definitely return to try out their Japanese Black Wagyu Sets or their buffet dinner sets. They do not offer limited meat options for dinner timing.

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Tajimaya indeed lived up to their name to provide good quality food at affordable prices. With the finest produce on the table, having the buffet would be a treat for all meat lovers. Coupled with impeccable service standards, Tajimaya is a place I would return to again and again.

Shabu Shabu Tajimaya
Level Four, Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238877

P/S: Sorry for the slow updates recently as work had been hectic, will try to catch up on my backlog soonish XOXO


5 thoughts on “Shabu Shabu Tajimaya – Orchard

  1. When i was there with my friends, we ordered for aussie beef with less fats, but they gave us cuts with lots of fats, after requesting for a change , they did change for us. After we have finished our lunch, we sat at the table to talk, but the waiter approached us and asked us to leave, no satisfactory reason was given and he even mentioned that we were loitering there, when we just sat at our table to talk. It was 3pm and there were many empty tables and no queue outside.
    Therefore , i do not recommend this place to people who wants to eat and chat.

    And the food is not fantastic, it is mediocre.

    Overall, not a pleasant experience dining there.


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