Summer Rabbit with Tangy Honey Mustard

The Rabbit Hole – Raffles Place

The very thing that got my attention when I first got to The Rabbit Hole on the fourth floor of One Raffles place was the decor – simple and cosy with inspirational quotes decorating the pillars.

The Rabbit Hole - One Raffles Place
Feeling a little blue? Some quotes to pick you up

With so many salad bars in the area, The Rabbit Hole stands out with an amazing selection of fresh produce and their colourful choices of 10 home made dressings. We were thrilled to be invited to try out all six of their gourmet house salads.

Home Made Dressings made from scratch!
The Rabbit Hole
The Rabbit Hole Gourmet House Salads

It was tough deciding which to have first as they all looked so delicious! We eventually started with the vibrant Taste of Thai with premium strip loin beef because the medium rare beef was calling out to us.

Taste of Thai with premium striploin beef SGD$12 (Add $4 for beef)
Perfected Medium Rare cook on that striploin

The delectable cuts of striploin beef in a mix of sweet mangoes with crunchy cucumbers, bell peppers and red onions on a bed of Romaine lettuce and lastly topped with crushed peanuts was refreshing and appetising. The dressing for this salad was their home made Thai Sweet & Spicy dressing which was a perfect pairing for this healthy bowl of goodness. Definitely one of my favourites of the night.

The Protein Punch with Honey Lemon Yogurt Dressing
The Protein Punch with Honey Lemon Yoghurt Dressing SGD$13

The Protein Punch is a great post-workout meal for the gym goers or the joggers who love sweating it out after a day at the office. With plant carbohydrates from quinoa and corn, animal protein of Sous Vide Chicken Breast, topped with Edamame and sunflower seeds for a slight sweetness and textures – this tropical mix with their Honey Lemon Yoghurt dressing is a great nourishment and replenishment meal.

Summer Rabbit with Tangy Honey Mustard
Summer Rabbit with Tangy Honey Mustard SGD$11

Doesn’t this bowl just look like a pretty mini garden? With the combination of colours from strawberries, oranges and turkey pastrami and garnished with sunflower seeds and a bouquet of Alfafa – it was almost too pretty to have to mix it up. It tastes as good as it looks with the Tangy Honey Mustard dressing, fortified with Vitamin E and magnesium and whole lot of other nutrients too!

Classic Chicken Caesar with Caesar dressing SGD$12

A classic salad with eggs, croutons, Parmesan cheese, bacon bits and cherry tomatoes topped with lean chicken breast cuts for the Caesar Salad lovers. Their homemade Caesar dressing gels this wholesome bowl of ingredients together.

Tokyo Miso Sesame with Miso Sesame Dressing SGD$11

One would simply drool at this savoury sweet combination of miso and sesame in the dressing. With Japanese ingredients such as Edamame, tofu, seaweed and crab sticks together with cucumber, corn and a smoked salmon rose on top – I wanted to finish the entire bowl but I am so full by now. This is a must-have for me at The Rabbit Hole!

The Apple Pie with Apple Cinnamon Dressing SGD$11

Is this a dessert? Or a salad? If you are bored of the usual greens, try out their Apple Pie Salad with raisins, cranberries, goji berries, walnuts, crunchy apples topped with cheddar and croutons. Their sweet Apple Cinnamon dressing enhanced the fruity sweetness of this bowl of pie-salad. Definitely a premium choice for the sweet-tooth.

Thirsty? Get a refreshing cold-pressed juice to go along with your salads. Cold pressing is known to preserve the nutrients and enzymes in the fruits and vegetables, giving you maximised health benefits from just a portion of these juices!

Cold-pressed juices SGD$6/$7

If you prefer crafting your own bowl, you can choose from their selection of base vegetables with 5 toppings and optional proteins add-ons such as striploin beef, teriyaki chicken, chicken breast, smoked salmon or sauteed mushrooms.

Craft your own bowl

The balance of nourishment and deliciousness in their gourmet salads was impressive and it’s made me crave for their salads after writing this post. I would probably head down for some Tokyo Miso Sesame tomorrow 🙂

Next time you are having a blue Monday or just a not-so-happy morning, head down to The Rabbit Hole for a colourful pick-me-up salad bowl! Reading some of their quotes on the wall may chase some frowns away too.

Thank you One Raffles Place for the invite!

The Rabbit Hole
One Raffles Place
#04-30 Shopping Podium
(65) 9048 2929


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    1. Hi Papago, sorry to hear that, it definitely doesn’t sound delicious at all. Perhaps I will head back to give it a try and feedback to the staff if the food is really sub-par. Thank you for visiting and reading 🙂


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