Hokkaido Don Tsukiji Fish Market Orchard Central

Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant – Orchard

It has been ages since I last blogged about food. So sorry for being MIA as real life just overwhelmed me for a period of time.

To restart my food journey, I am going to rave about my all-time favourite Japanese food! I have been wanting to try Tsukiji Fish Market for the longest time but going to Orchard area on weeknights or weekends can be daunting (with the crowd and traffic). There are mixed reviews online so we had to head down to see for ourselves.

We were at the restaurant on a Friday evening and we opted to take a counter seat so we didn’t have to wait in the queue. Service staff were attentive and later transferred us to a table when it was available. Even though the restaurant was packed, we didn’t have to wait too long for our food.

Hokkaido Don Tsukiji Fish Market Orchard Central
Hokkaido Don SGD31.80++

It made me smile to see a bowl of all my best-loved seafood. A medium-sized Ama-Ebi (sweet spot prawn), Uni (sea urchin) and snow crab meat on a bed of Ikura (Salmon Roe), Salmon, Hotate (Scallop) and their in-house speciality Yuzu Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe) – the quality fresh seafood really made my day. The Japanese sushi rice underneath further accentuated the sweetness and umami-ness of the fish and crustaceans. At a price tag of SGD31.80++, it’s definitely worth it for me.

Chicken Curry Rice Tsukiji Fish Market Orchard Central
Chicken Curry Rice SGD14.80++

My other half had their Chicken Curry Rice. The freshly fried crispy chicken in the perfectly balanced Japanese curry was delectable, exceeding our expectations since it was just rice with curry, so we thought. My hubby kept craving for this Japanese curry rice since we had it, claiming it to be the best Japanese chicken curry he ever had. (Apologies for the awful picture though, was taken in a hurry.)

Sashimi Tsukiji Fish Market Orchard Central
Salmon Sashimi (2 servings) SGD11.60++ Hotate Sashimi (1 serving) SGD8.80++

We added on a plate of salmon and scallop sashimi so that my hubby can revel in how fresh the seafood is. He was enjoying every bit of that buttery salmon and sweet scallops.

Yakitori Tsukiji Fish Market Orchard Central
Momo (Chicken Thigh 2 sticks) SGD4.20++ Kawa (Chicken Skin 2 sticks) SGD3.80++ Foie Gras Tsukune (1 stick) SGD3.80++

Last but not least, we wanted to try out the yakitori. We had 2 sticks of chicken thigh, 2 sticks of chicken skin and their signature foie gras chicken balls. My favourite had to be the Foie Gras Tsukune as their chicken balls were flavourful and complemented the foie gras. The chicken skin was crispy and each bite felt more sinful than the previous. The chicken thigh was slightly charred for the smokiness and consisted of a balanced amount of fattiness and lean meat. Overall, we were very pleased to finish the meal with their yakitori.

For two-person, our bill came up to be close to SGD100 (inclusive of two drinks) which we felt was worth the quality of food. We also appreciated the friendliness of the staff who were always checking on refills for our teas or if we wanted dessert recommendations. We skipped on the desserts as the items we wanted to try were sold out since we were done with our food pretty late.

I would highly recommend making a reservation if you have a big group intending to dine there, especially for weekends. We are definitely planning to head down again soon as we couldn’t get enough of the deliciousness.

Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant
181 Orchard Road,
#12-02 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
(65) 6634 2803


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