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Hi, I am Kyzrael from Singapore. This tiny island city may be small but it is a melting pot of international cuisines, celebrity chefs restaurants as well as our own local flavours. This makes eating one of our national hobbies. I am fortunate as my hubby, my circles of family and friends love food as much as me so we do spend most of our “quality time” enjoying meals together.

Contemplated starting a food blog for a long while before I really sat down and did it in February 2016. The name “Gastronomy” was chosen for its definition. Though it’s a big word for a new blogger to take on, I will do my best to not disappoint. You will only see reviews of places that I reckon are worth revisiting and I will update with new content on my revisits. Adventuring to try a wider variety of cuisines is definitely one of my goals as I continue to share my journey.

Reviews are mostly done anonymously unless otherwise stated. I will selectively accept invitations from establishments to try out the food with no obligations to write a favourable review. Any “affiliation” will be stated in the entries like if I personally know the chef/boss/manager etc. Giving my honest opinions is my priority because that will be what I want as a reader. And of course I do not claim to be a connoisseur, I write base on my own palate and share my gastronomic adventures because I love doing so.

On my Instagram posts, there is a “Gastronometer” which is a rating to indicate how much I would want to have that dish again (10/10 probably means I am returning for it very soon). So if you need ideas on what to have for your next meal, do follow me on Instagram or follow me on Twitter and like my page on Facebook!

Sorry that I had stopped updating for a long while as I have been really busy in real life. I will try to update regularly (hopefully) soon. Here’s a thankful shout out to friends & followers who have sent encouraging messages and feedback to me, grateful for these little kind words that keep me writing. Hope you enjoy (or continue to enjoy) reading the reviews and thank you for visiting!


Note: Please kindly credit the content to me should you need to use any part of it (drop me an email at and a link back will be much appreciated). Thanks in advance.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy to discover your blog as I’m preparing for my next trip to Singapore 😀 Although I have visited many times, I still feel I have not explored enough 🙂


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